Love is your Power

On which side do you locate yourself? Why is this picture of a needy world not changing, since you know that “all power is given unto you in Heaven and on earth?” Why are you not applying this same universal power in all your relationships, when everything is only happening in your own mind?You are… Continue Reading →

Choosing the Truth

As you can see in your daily life; everything seems to depend on your personal decisions how it is going with you. It seems at times that there would be another self that could or would need to make a decision instead of you. But behind the individual stories of striving for happiness it becomes… Continue Reading →

The fruits of changing your mind

To understand reasonably the truth and to undergo a change of mind, called mind-training, Jesus has given us His teachings and instructions for this particular time-episode in A Course in Miracles, esp. in the Workbook lessons. The only need I finally realized in my determination to wake up from my human dream of separation and… Continue Reading →

Time and Guilt

Time is the idea of guilt and separation. The human consciousness does NOT know of time and its over-ness.  The past is over. It can touch me not – (lesson 289). When you recognize that the past is over you know that –          you have looked all the time onto what isn’t actually there –         … Continue Reading →

At the End of our Journey

  We are so much at the end of our journey that no words will do to explain and tell its truth. We can all see how old friends and spiritual associations of the way-past are coming back into the continuum to complete their cycle and to join you in the Awakening. You see in… Continue Reading →

I am the Resurrection and the Life

  Easter is the celebration of the physical appearance of the risen Christ, His demonstration of physical resurrection is the full recognition that the body is a complete illusion and does nothing, nor lives nor is able to die. No one can know of resurrection without an all inclusive experience which is your own reawakening…. Continue Reading →

A New Era is revealed to us

  The beginning of this New Year is my new memory of a complete new Continuum. A certainty of this newly recognized contact with HIM is extending beyond words and concepts. God will do the ultimate step and indeed has already done it. Everything is recognized as accomplished – there is nothing to prove, and… Continue Reading →

Scientists are literally disappearing

  Every reasonably thinking human being will admit to the great discoveries and enrichment that the science community has contributed to the consciousness of the human race. Sure, there also are and always will be denial, attack and negation of this rapid development that occurred during these last hundred years, out of religious, political, ethical… Continue Reading →


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