I am responsible for what I see – the solution is in me

Here is my entire exposée! But finally here also is my final action of
mind. It is not about denying any personal experience or identity
except denying this long justified denial in its entirety, which is the
same as admitting to be willing to take responsibility. Let us review a
few facts!

The fact is that I am the maker of the world I see and what constitutes
its thought system: the attacking and murdering figures in this world
of pain, sickness, suffering and death, all memories resulting from
fear believed to be real and stored carefully in all believed “levels”
of the mind where the identification with bodies and idols are held, an
universe of separate entities manifested in dream figures without any
meaning, as well as billions of galaxies coming seemingly into
existence and disappearing again: they all are nothing other than my
own past “creations,” past images in my mind that really are no longer
here to be seen in the true sense. They are of my own making, having
attempted to find God by myself within a matrix where there is no truth
possible and where “finding” is reduced to ever changing perceptual
images. They are entirely meaningless since they were a product of
fearing the Love of God Which knows not of change, put and left only in
my own mind, for me to stay here, suffer the effects of lack and need
ideas and die over and over again. All these `private´ thoughts of
which I am aware of are meaningless, because
I am not alone in experiencing the effects of my thoughts.
Indeed there are no private thoughts, if salvation is understood as a
possibility at all. All I want is to leave now this impossible idea of
the world I made up and to accept the undoing of it in the admission
that my attempts through-out all time to replace Reality with
nothingness, the thoughts I think with God with illusions I made up,
have not succeeded. Luckily there is God.

And the joke of the universe is that God does not know about my past illusionary thoughts because `
God did not create a meaningless world´ (Lesson 14 from The Workbook of ACIM); I did!

A meaningless world engenders fear´ (Lesson 13) because I
cannot depend on it entirely and it offers me no ground for trust.
There is no safety and no hope for me in this world because only chaos
rules everywhere and the insanity of the ego dominates it. Insane
thoughts are upsetting me. Does it upset you hearing that ‘
You are never upset for the reason you think.
(Lesson 5). How could it not?! You are completely justified to be right
from your perspective. But does it still serve you? And what is it for?
Don’t you want to be happy; happy without the need of putting a smile
on your face?! Happiness which is recognized in oneness, being one with
yourself, your brothers, the entire universe?! Do you want to know why
you are upset about everything and everyone? Here is how you are helped
in the mind training of
A Course in Miracles:

I am upset because I see what is not there´(Lesson
6); once again I have replaced Reality with illusions I made up. I have
given them reality and thus regard reality as an illusion. In such a
world there is no God, but `
What I see is a form of vengeance´
(Lesson 22), a self-defense and a picture of attack on everything by
everything, followed by counter-attacks and ongoing conflicts and war
between this `me´ and those held in separation and outward projected
images of myself. This is what death is.

This is my recognition of the instant of separation, the only seeming
problem I ever had as a human being. Right there, in a vividly
experienced moment of total devastation, was and is also the solution
available… neither anywhere outside myself, nor in anybody else, but
in me where the problem had to be exposed. There is no solution to the
human condition in a world of human conditions. Therefore it also must
be a miracle that re-aligns us in that Holy Instant with the Light of
God. Here-in will every one find his salvation.

The Salvation of the world depends on me´ (Lesson 186): … It
unites all wills on earth in Heaven´s plan to save the world, restoring
it to Heaven´s Peace. Let us not fight our function. We did not
establish it…All it says is that your Father still remembers you, and
offers you the perfect trust He holds in you who are His Son.

After experiencing this I could not (and cannot) not-give it away. So,
stand up with me together, brother, and extend HIS message and let us
declare now: “Yes, its all me, I am responsible for what I see, and I
WILL it be undone by accepting the Atonement for myself and trust in
the Power of the Holy Spirit, the Love of God given to His only Son.

Come and share your Experience of salvation and Freedom with the entire
Sonship and the One who knows you perfectly. I love you.

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