The Scientific Method: It’s Time to jump into your own Experiment

A human being is by nature a researcher and
scientist. He loves to inquire into life as perceived by the eyes and senses
and evaluate everything by measurement and categorizing. Any documentation
about nature provides us with a multiplicity of this type of scientific
approaches driven by the desire to feel well and ultimately to understand one’s
own life and evolution. The human body itself is the prototype of an object for
scientific research. There isn’t any square inch that hasn’t yet been
researched and documented. But has the human race understood what this “life”
is all about? How has the human consciousness been raised to transform its
devastating memory of constant warfare, attack, separation and struggle with
its own and has it overcome the obsession to death?

We could proudly declare that there was
never more scientific knowledge available than it is found nowadays,
considering the incredible increase of publications. E.g., every year there are
more than 200 thousand new books published which “create” more than one million
bits per second of new information, though most of it can be regarded as spam.
Considering just one of a million bits as useful, this process would still be a
hundred thousand times quicker than the biological evolution occurred in time.
And it seems there is no end to the outcome of these conventional scientific
methods as the means to produce information about the parts, but can never
grasp the meaning of the entirety. Why is that so? Have you ever asked yourself
this question? Have you ever asked from where are you coming, where you are
going to, what you are doing here or who you truly are? What does that have to
do with your scientific methods you are so desperately holding on to?

All of your attempts to find new information are only possible by the justified meaning of the first and main point of the scientific methods, a believed “reality” of objective “observation.” All science, from Aristotle to Newton to Einstein, is based on an interpretation of the eyes judgment or calibrated
machines reflecting what perception has defined as a world of objectivity.
That’s why the other points of scientific methods like hypothesis (to create a sort of intelligent guess based on what you’re observing), prediction, experimentation (to test your predictions and change your hypothesis, if applicable) and finally repetition have become the backbone of your development and understanding of reality.

The mentioned excess of information is nothing else than the result of your repeating your self-invented errors throughout all time, over and over again. If the outcome of a repeated experience is
considered as consistent it is accepted and believed to be valuable. I am here to tell you that healing does not need to be repeated. There is no repetition going on in Reality.

Drastic changes yet have shattered this kind of limited understanding within the science community. Quantum science has given us proof that all experiments are affected by observation. If you are looking for a real outcome of any experiment you literally cannot observe anything, any part while
the experiment is going on. The reason why this is so is simply because there is no real outcome of conceptual self, or in other words – there is no result to the falsity of conceptual understanding. You are finally only researching yourself and whatever the conclusion is: know that you are wrong! All of your observation is meaningless, because you (as the observer) are meaningless. All meaning is only in God.

then the One Who knows to make all your decisions for you. He is already in
your mind and waits for you to welcome Him in quietness, honesty and
determination to see all things differently. God is in you, experienced in your
joining with his Son, and not in the fear expressed distance of non-involved
objectivity. He is seen in the conversion of the experimenter himself into
Savior, turning his will over to God Himself, and “being found” in an
experience of his own dissolution of self into Self. Your whole Self is waiting
for you since beginning of time. I invite you to meet the Teacher Who knows of light, and can therefore teach it to you and welcomes you Home.

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