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The “archive” of sessions beginning in 2022 can be found on the “Sessions” page of this website. Sessions recorded in previous years can be found under the links to the audio and video platforms and my Blogspot as listed and linked below in “Archived Recordings.

Latest ‘Special Event’ Session

Living the New Purpose – Ζώντας τον Νέο Σκοπό

Are you ready for an uncompromising Joining in which the world disappears? In this session with our Greek Brothers we remember that we have been given a completely different purpose that we want to live. It is the Innocence within that is represented by the Christ Child to be born to the world that remembers how to forgive, heal and bless. We let it become the fulfillment of this new purpose in our Awakening and sharing a Mission with everyone that transforms any “worldly mission” we were engaged to. ◊ Devavan shares with you parts of Lesson 326, What Am…

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Current Classes, Sessions and Meetings (English)

This series of podcasts, teachings and meetings with Devavan have the purpose to share and bring about the message of Awakening from the dream, a successful and complete change of thinking and perceiving an impermanent world of limitations in order to bring about the resurrection of the identified body association to finally remember and re-awaken our illuminate recognition of our eternal singular Christ Mind and Light through the Workbook Lessons of A Course in Miracles – ACIM and one’s own personal and universal Experience. #ACIMReflections

NEW SERIES: ACIM – Reflections with Devavan

These LIVE sessions are generally offered every Saturday at 12:00 pm CT on my YouTube channel and on Spreaker The Voice from Heaven. Changes to this schedule are announced here. The recorded sessions in this series are also listed and linked in the page Sessions. Participation is – like all offers – free of charge. Details can be found on the offers and donations page.

LIVE Meeting: Joining with the Master Teacher’s Teachings

On Tuesdays, at 11 am CT an invitation to this Premiere Event of a Special Series on ZOOM is extended to all and everyone being interested in the teachings of the Master Teacher.

The ZOOM Login details are:
or ID: 850 0622 9197 Passcode: 272538

Recent Recordings:

Find more archived recordings of teaching sessions (2022 and later) and meetings on the Sessions-EN sub-page.

A brighter Version of Yourself: Joining with the Master Teacher’s Teachings (13)

We are sharing in this episode in a direct meeting with Master Teacher the second part of the video presentation “A Course In Miracles Teachers Convention” – Episode I, in which he offers us a perspective of the Quantum teaching that our Experience in His Presence demonstrates in a vertical alignment of letting time be Here and Now. And no matter how the picture looks like and what it seemed to be on the timeline, we can find evidence of the increase of Light frequency that allows us to recognize our one true Self and witness to a brighter Version…

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Beyond perception: Reflections on the Soul’s true functions

In this episode we are looking at the teaching of Christ-Jesus and His Course in Miracles in regard to the Soul’s true functions which are knowing, loving and creating. HE teaches in this section the difference between “creating” and “making” which determines the outcome of how it is understood what ministry we serve. It is a direct demonstration of our bringing of the message, as “bringers of the Word.” We are directed to and shown Knowledge which is beyond perception. We remember the union with HIM, the joining of Father and Son through the Voice that speaks for God. ◊…

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Archived Recordings:

More sessions, podcasts and teachings to share and bring about the message of the “Awakening from the dream” on YouTube in the Playlist ACIM – Various Themes and ACIM – Lessons & Clips . The daily lessons and more podcasts as audio recordings can be found on Spreaker in the Voice from Heaven.

In the following enlisted episodes of the last years Devavan teaches A Course in Miracles through the Mind of the Resurrected Christ how this teaching content and certain messages reflect in his own experience.

You can find more archived teaching sessions (2022 and later) on the Sessions-EN sub-page as well as (earlier sessions) on several pages of Devavan’s Blogspot like…
Three Days to Awakening (53 Episodes in 2021 as YouTube video and Spreaker audio recordings)
Perfectly Safe forever (52 Episodes in 2020 as YouTube video and Spreaker audio recordings)
On YouTube you can find these series in the Playlist ACIM – Various Themes and more short podcasts in ACIM – Reflections & Lesson Clips where also the lates series ACIM – Reflections with Devavan during 2022 is archived.

Some Examples:

53 Episodes Series – Three Days to Awakening

Three Days to Awakening (52): We are looking on this Holy Day of the Birth of Christ more detailed at actions of mind in the Awakening related to the remembrance Who we are, Who is walking with us and with Whom we are joining and joined in Light Spirit. It is all part of the mind training, and how we have successfully changed our way of thinking and seeing to accept our function as given us by HIM.

Devavan shares from What Am I? and Lesson 359-360 & 361-365 as well as parts from the Introduction to the Final Lessons-4., and from the new book “3 Days To Awakening – Day One – Looking for a Way out of Here” the instructional words of Jesus Christ reviewing the “All about God”-lessons 109,126 and 159.

Three Days to Awakening (53): We are looking on this New Year’s Day more detailed at actions of mind in the Awakening related to the remembrance Who guides and leads us and Where we are heading on our transformational path. The prescription of activity of doing the Workbook Lessons on a daily basis is suggested and given example of. Indeed, it is Jesus Christ Himself Who invites us all to change our thinking, perceptions and perspectives. Welcome!
Devavan shares from the Epilogue-1.-2. and last paragraph of the Workbook of ACIM, and from the new book “3 Days To Awakening – Day One – Looking for a Way out of Here” the instructional words of Jesus Christ reviewing lesson 338 and some aphorisms. (Jan 1, 2022)

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