The fruits of changing your mind

To understand reasonably the truth and to undergo a change of mind, called
mind-training, Jesus has given us His teachings and instructions for this
particular time-episode in A Course in Miracles, esp. in the Workbook lessons.

The only need I finally realized in my determination to wake up from my human dream
of separation and death was to see within my own mind that I can change my
thoughts and mind-structure sufficiently as Jesus instructs us through this
masterpiece, understood in the miraculous change that comes along automatically
by working Part II of the book, called the Workbook.
In order to come to the recognition of an unwavering certainty within the experience
of Singular Christ Mind I had to let go of the belief to know here in time-space something and admit complete uncertainty of all I thought to “know” which was still part of the self – concept. I call myself really lucky to have asked for help and allow my true and only Self that I see in You, Dear One, the Christ as my Self, who is reflecting That to me in its totality for an instant here at the end of my

Often I have been asked to write something about my personal awakening experiences
and honestly speaking… I am at a loss at this point though I wrote an entire
book about it. What can I even say about a transformational experience that is
happening by being raised from corruption to “Incorruption,” from illusory
perceptions to a miracle, not to speak about the revelation of God Himself that
was happening to me and still is, that had nothing to do with any of my efforts
to get it! All I have to say is that such an experience is still personal
though all encompassing, and therefore I realized that there is no comparison
or measurement for an experience of true and direct communication within
universal Mind.
The third lesson in the Workbook, I do not understand anything I see, which includes all the perceptions and observations of changes, and in the recognition that perceptions are also only
thoughts… all limited thought forms within conceptual mind, is part of this
essential reversal within the mind training. It basically states that I do not
understand my own mind and all that I made up. It made me thus clear that I do
not understand myself. This recognition helped me to admit “I need help. God,
help!” and be grateful for the given help. Did I find myself giving it all away
and see how the uncertainty of “my truth” was replaced by miracles? I sure can
say so. I was willing to give myself a break of controlling my world, a moment
of only receiving, following instructions and listen, learn and do… as
Jesus asks you to reconsider in His guidance from out-of-time.

I cannot describe how fortunate and lucky I feel that I allowed myself to be part
of this association of “like-minded” and determined individuals from all over
the world that truly is not an aggregation of like-minded people at all,
gathering to succeed in a conceptually defined goal of Enlightenment, but
rather a Great Light Ray Association, shining Gods Light on all of what once
seemed to be real and in fact is gone and over, now recognized as the past that
cannot affect the present moment of Singularity. I am now able to enjoy all
these memories in this new and singular purpose that once felt so solid,
serious and frightening. I am simply grateful for everything offered and given
me in this Light provision.
I thank you, right there, for reading this and sharing this gratitude to GOD with
me now and with all the world. Thus you are also a whole part of God’s Mind, in
which we think and share these ideas, directing us beyond the recognition of When
I am healed I am not healed alone
to the Experience of which we cannot speak but is certainty of Singular Reality itself. I share this with you for the only purpose to remember that
there is nothing left to be healed and the world you see is already over and
not here any more. There is no greater joy in me than to see within my own mind
my brother being free, healed, and one with me in the Light.

Teaching myself about a physical transformational experience and yet not reducing or
holding it on a conceptual and phenomenal level needs the admission of using
the body for communication (which still is just a thought in the mind) to make
sense out of it. In the East there is a long tradition of Kundalini and chakra
experiences which is essentially not different from any Christian healing
experience. Yet it is only through body-identification that sin could be
believed to be real, attack warranted and guilt deserved. These are but
conceptual thoughts and without an experience as such meaningless. We have to
go beyond the concepts, always. The only necessity for a human being is to wake
up from the dream and recognize in his own mind that there is a whole physical
resurrection behind any physical transformational experience. Through the
Course you can apply the lesson Let me remember there is no sin, for
example. So, you actually and immediately can apply this alternative healing
idea of an unlimited and all inclusive memory unto your dream realities, and
thus will serve as a fundamental basis for your letting-go of the
guilt-projection onto your body.

This is Jesus´ message for me personally (and thus for you too), because there is
no-one else here. Since the world has appeared only in my mind, I had and have
to step forward and extend the truth to myself, give it away to all the figures
representing my self as Christ Himself, and declare the world to be free and
relinquished in its cause, because I experienced the relinquishment of myself.
It is me who is now happy without boundaries, not an imagined world. It is me
as thinking Light within my own mind which reflects back to me and tells me
that we are truly only thinking in Gods Mind!
The truth is revealed – as an experience – no other time but now, to me, by God as
you (as my brother and my savior) in all and everyone. This is Jesus. This is
pure Christ Mind. Thank You God!

I love you.

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