Love is your Power

On which side do you locate yourself? Why is this picture of a needy world not changing, since you know that “all power is given unto you in Heaven and on earth?” Why are you not applying this same universal power in all your relationships, when everything is only happening in your own mind?
You are told and will believe the concept that ‘doing the best you can’ is enough for your own salvation. But it’s another thing to recognize the truth about the world. You would rather overlook these uncomfortable and unbelievable ‘side products’, but are you ready to recognize and accept the simple fact which is: there is no world!? It seems like there is still ‘you’ here, trying to fix, to manage the dream in a way you think is appropriate. You accumulate the things you like and try to avoid the things you dislike. You defend what you want to possess and build walls around it, and you try to get rid of everything else and everyone by judging them unworthy and dangerous for you. You are constantly fighting against imaginary attacks and threats that seem to take away the little you think you have. And you wonder at times why you are not happy, content and in love. Isn’t that a good description of the temporal situation you call ‘my life’? Some have called it addiction.
You will have all the right answers – we already understand. But who really cares in your world about the truth of all these ‘right answers’, except maybe you again? You care about your awakening from the dream or you would not be reading this…
…you are love. Love is your power, which the ego must deny. It must also deny everything this power gives you because it gives you everything.

Passages taken from The Call To The Unlimited ~ by Devavan
(La Llamada a lo Ilimitado / Der Ruf an das Grenzenlose)
– available ◊ disponible ◊ erhältlich –> Amazon

2 thoughts on “Love is your Power

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  1. Genau soo 🌟
    Ich liieebe es 💞
    Mir ,dem geliebten und liebenden Sohn Gottes ist gegeben alle Macht im Himmel und auf Erden
    Beziehe mich auf die heilige Schrift in Matthäus 28
    Der auferstandene Jesus auf dem Berg
    im Vers 18
    Ich erkenne das ewige Leben,
    den allein wahren Gott und Jesum Christum,
    eins, der Vater mit dem Sohn,
    LIEBE in mir,weil ER in mir ist.
    Danke 💖

  2. Und im Kurs steht weiterhin dazu
    im Textbuch
    Kapitel 8
    5 Die ganze Macht von GOTTES SOHN liegt in uns allen 💖
    doch nicht in einem von uns allein .ff….

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