I am the Resurrection and the Life


Easter is the celebration of the physical appearance of the risen Christ, His demonstration of physical resurrection is the full recognition that the body is a complete illusion and does nothing, nor lives nor is able to die. No one can know of resurrection without an all inclusive experience which is your own reawakening. What you need is a model, One, Who shows you your own resurrection and life. For the last 2000 years you used the idea and story of the historic Jesus, and it is just since a moment that you come to understand that Jesus has not resurrected by himself and left a world behind him that still would need to die and wait for its awakening after its death.

To recognize the truth of resurrection is to recognize that you live and move in Him, that you live in God, here and now, no other time, that everyone lives in you, in your mind, as you live in everyone. The resurrection is the demonstration of the reality of one single mind which is yours. Jesus showed you your own resurrection and your resurrection is the awakening of the entire world, the disappearance of you and the world in the truth which is God.

Jesus declared himself, “I am the resurrection and the life: he that believes in me, though he was dead, yet shall he live.” Though the son of man felt separate from his brothers and believed to be a body and part of an illusory world, trying to die in a trillion ideas… he can awaken from this dream of death in a finger snap as he already did, he can experience the love of God for His beloved Son in his own mind. That is available for you now as it always were. But until now you were dreaming and fearful to accept the truth of your own resurrection.

You have come a long way, and you are finally standing still in the grace of God and let the inclusion of yourself in your Self occur. I am teaching my own resurrecting Experience in so called “Advents of a Great Awakening” and spend not only every Sunday or Easter Sunday in this instant of reawakening of the Spirit in me but in every moment of joining with you and everyone as my Self in what is called in A Course in Miracles a “Holy Instant,” a moment of complete forgiveness, an experience of the light of God.

Resurrection has taken the place of death, and this is what we celebrate: life eternal, the certainty of the impossibility to die. Jesus teaches in the Course that the resurrection of the world awaits your healing and your happiness, that you may demonstrate the healing of the world. That is your memory of your accorded mission as the savior of the world. Your joining with your brother in a Holy Instant is the end of the journey by your forgetting and letting go of the grievance. Your action of turning to the light and looking for Him is the renewal of Jesus Himself in you. And this is your resurrection. And He asks you now to help Him, to take your brother’s hand and walk with him into the light and remember Him, remember your Home. What a great assignment! Our Father wills His Son be One with Him. There is no will but God’s, your will is His, and you have accepted His Will as yours. That is what you came here to remember.


God bless us on our journey Home.

Happy Easter. I love you.


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