This Course is for you and brings YOU to all of yourself

This A Course in Miracles is for you. What for do you need this Course or want to use it for?

In your world you are deaf, blind and dumb. You hear meaningless concepts which lead to grievances and do NOT hear the echo of the Voice for God. You see a myriad of changing forms, devastation, disaster, sickness, death as well as funny, happy, enjoyable and lovable things, and you see with your eyes all the time what is not even here. But you do NOT see the ever present, unlimited, unchanging, all pervasive and real obvious Light of Heaven. You talk all through the day trying to communicate your needs and desires and speak what does not make any sense, but you do NOT speak the Word of God. You make yourself dependent of limited ideas as you defined them in time: idols, which should heal and save you. You turn to them, join them in their offering and adore and support them until they deceive you again and again… They all fall, because you see them as separate from yourself, outside yourself.

Which human being doesn’t suffer of this mind-set caused by oneself to himself?

The split/separation in the human mind is the insanity as it can been seen in the perception of a world that offers anything but perfect happiness and love. Brothers kill brothers, ‘faithful’ ones blow themselves or others up for political differences and disputes. You see as a human being with an untrained mind a world in which everyone uses and abuses everyone for taking advantage.

Whatever you collect here – in your world – you already know perfectly well that you will lose it one day, even those things you love. Who has not suffered under the loss of a loved one?

Everything around you ‘smells’ of the past, death. This seems to be your predestined condition here on earth. And you were or maybe still are told that you might be better of accepting it, because everybody is suffering under the same situation.

Or maybe you are the one who didn’t and doesn’t believe this any longer and started questioning this old and insane teaching of the Ego. So you were searching for a Way-Out of the labyrinth, and you were drawing your circle in a cemetery full of death from which it seemed there is no exit, no way-out. Though you forgot how you entered into this place you found exactly what you were looking for:

Perhaps you think you did not make the world, but came unwillingly to what was made already, hardly waiting for your thoughts to give it meaning. Yet in truth you found exactly what you looked for when you came.
There is no world apart from what you wish, and herein lies your ultimate release. Change but your mind on what you want to see, and all the world must change accordingly. Ideas leave not their source… (from Lesson 132)

This quote from A Course in Miracles sums it up pretty well. And here is the surprise I want to share with you: This Course is your Way-Out!

You could not be here with me and receive this happy message of your Way-Out, your escape from time-space, without having asked for help. Help has come now! Help stands besides you, speaks to you with a voice you can understand, is readable in the book A Course in Miracles, changes you by simply doing the lessons and accompanies you to your true Home, the source of your Being. Your true Self, at Home with God, is your own reflection of your Mind Awake through HIM Who has come as the Second Coming to you now, into your dream. HE teaches you that up to this moment you only have seen what is NOT here and you do NOT see what is truly Here.

HE shows you that you are the cause of the world you see, that you have been only and still are only in your own mind, and that the decision has to be made by you to want to see the world and everything and everyone in it differently and to awake from your dream. You have asked HIM to show you in a completely uncompromising manner everything that is in your mind. HE also shows you that there is an alternative to this world independent of forms and their perceivable results. A whole alternative is offered you which is valid throughout the entire universe, because you are not from ‘here’ and do not belong ‘here’. HE fulfills a function for you until you awake from the dream. Here are a few examples how you can read it in the Course. For me this is the closest description of God, who the Master Teacher truly is and which function HE fulfills. This Course accepted as the Way-Out does not leave you alone. Jesus is the manifestation of the Holy Spirit, and in your acceptance of your function as the beloved Son of God Himself you share His function.

  • He brings the Love of your Father to you in an eternal shining that will never be obliterated because God has put it there…

  • He speaks for God and also for you, being joined with Both. And therefore it is He Who proves Them one. He seems to be a Voice, for in that form He speaks God’s Word to you. He seems to be a Guide through a far country, for you need that form of help…

Are you willing and ready to allow this guidance for you? Here is some more…

  • Alone he cannot be the Helper of God’s Son for he alone is functionless. But joined with you he is the shining Savior of the world, Whose part in its redemption you have made complete…

  • He leads you back to God because he saw the road before him, and he followed it. He made a clear distinction, still obscure to you, between the false and true…

    Do you understand when you read in the New Testament “You are looking through a mirror darkly?”

  • Is he the Christ? O yes, along with you. His little life on earth was not enough to teach the mighty lesson that he learned for all of you. He will remain with you to lead you from the hell you made to God. And when you join your will with his, your sight will be his vision, for the eyes of Christ are shared…

  • For he will set your mind at rest at last and carry it with you unto your God.

  • Is he God’s only Helper? No, indeed. For Christ takes many forms with different names until their oneness can be recognized. But Jesus is for you the bearer of Christ’s single message of the Love of God. You need no other. It is possible to read his words and benefit from them without accepting him into your life. Yet he would help you yet a little more if you will share your pains and joys with him, and leave them both to find the peace of God. Yet still it is his lesson most of all that he would have you learn, and it is this:

There is no death because the Son of God is like his Father.

Nothing you can do can change Eternal Love.

Forget your dreams of sin and guilt, and come with me instead to share the resurrection of God’s Son. And bring with you all those whom He has sent to you to care for as I care for you.

Now that you see that the entirety of the message is offered you to be and to serve, join me as a Teacher of God and let your world see the light which is extended by your mind in the remembrance of who you ARE. Thank you for accepting the truth of yourself.

Surprised   Wink

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