Your Salvation – a required Course

I regularly receive promotional information of GOD.TV by Rory and Wendy.

One of the last mailings I received had a rather strange content which is very much used in mainstream Christian teachings but I thought that Rory would offer something different in his mission. Since I appreciate the skills applied to extend the message via satellite I took it on and had to convert the whole thing in my mind this way:

  Hi Rory,

  I just recently received your mailed letter “Live the Cross – Join the Revolution.” Thank you for your extension of your asking for help. I usually do not reply to such letters, because I’m aware of the promotional momentum – as it is used throughout the world.

  I am looking at you (and I mean “you” as the mind within the frequency of the extension of Awakening for about a year now, and I have much appreciation for how you guys made out of literally nothing a “megaphone” for salvation – as you use the term. I can’t believe though that you mean what I read in these 3 pages, and if you allow me, I am willing to communicate with you about it.

  I think the time is ready for you to accept the fact that the resurrection has truly already occurred, and any waiting for HIM (Jesus Christ) to “come again” (as you express it) is just a complete denial of this true experience. Rory, please, look into your mind. What would the resurrection of Jesus Christ be, or what value would it have, if HE hasn’t become everything through His Resurrection, which GOD IS.  If this is so, that the resurrection occurred – and my own experience is witnessing to this truth – wouldn’t HE absolutely have to be here with us right now, literally next to you as your neighbor, yourself, everyone….? Does that not clearly indicate that in His Resurrection you also must have resurrected?! This is a real question, my friend, and you get the result of your thinking in your own mind: life or death. If you deny me and wait for a Savior to come, then who are you and Who is your God? I wouldn’t want to have a god of limited spirit and who has an adversary as a reality, an opposition within His own Mind….

  That’s basically also my answer to your belief in the devil and his “assignment against GOD TV…” What are these huge vaults you are seeing? And who is it truly who is “hammering huge nails into the doors…”??? Why can’t you admit to be fearful and thus have it removed? When will you stop blaming something outside your mind for what you are going through in your own transformation?

There is no one out there who is doing all these nasty things (or whatever you think the devil did) to you and GOD TV! The undeniable fact is, Rory, that you are DOING THIS TO YOURSELF, and it is your choice and decision to have it undone. Your willingness to change your mind invites the Holy Spirit Who will do the Undoing for you. But you have to admit it, ask for it and turn it over. I will stand with you in this conversion, and the Light will shine on us and show us the only truth. This is healing.

  If there is still a reality of a “devil” in your mind, then know that he is no one other than you, your own separation thought from Your Creator, your own ego-mania. But God has no opposite since HE is singular, one. All else is made up and perceived in your own mind, and that’s why the healing has to occur also in your mind. In this sense, you being the cause of the world you see, are also the savior of this world – big deal! Is that reasonable to you, Rory?

  Also, if you think you need to preach to the “mountains,” the guys “out there” who seemingly “stand in your way” you are entirely missing the point. There is only YOU out there. This is your mind, you are only seeing the reflections of yourself, your mind – past, future and present. You are only talking to yourself, as I am aware of talking to myself right now.

You want singularity, not polarity. You want unity, not opposition and attack. But the rule of the universe is “If you defend yourself you are attacked” because defense is attack simultaneously.  I could talk to you about this for hours.  Once you change your mind, your thoughts of opposition or attackers ‘”out there” will be “miraculously removed”.

  What you can do or should do (but do NOT “have to” do) is to talk to God (this is about prayer, yes), to your brothers in Light, to yourself where it becomes obvious to you that you get a reflection of your Self, recognizing Jesus is right there in this communion of sharing the truth with your neighbor, with your forgiving yourself and in your extension of love as you have received it of God. I trust you, Rory!

  I know that you don’t have all this time to read all these letters including this here, and I apologize for the length and the grammar mistake (I was raised in Austria, but “live” now in Wisconsin and extend Jesus Christ through my own Experience, the New Testament and A Course in Miracles), but I have to (at least) add something to this ridiculous idea of “we need to live the cross”:

  This is absolutely wrong, Rory! All we need to do is to LIVE THE RESURRECTION, to extend the truth – as God created us. God did not want to have His own Son crucified. Does that finally make sense to you?!

  “To crucify the flesh” is an idea of a need of sacrifice, but I guarantee you that your Awakening from this dream of death has nothing to do with sacrifice. It is an old idea which comes from the justifications of the unhealed mind that still harbors thoughts of self-hate and fear, and thus battles for its righteous place in time-space…. It is the human being prior to awakening who fights with no one else other than himself, who is ultimately God. It’s called doubt and fear. There is no answer to this condition from God, because God does not know of any denial. It is a fear of awakening and is accompanied by the desire of the human consciousness to prove that DEATH does in fact have reality, and that the solution to one’s suffering (and so his/her salvation) is death. It is NOT  so! Death is an idea in your mind to limit the Love of God. It is the “solution” for the ego, you, in its/your attempt to triumph over the Spirit and be sucessful in denying Creation Itself, God Himself. It cannot succeed, because it (the ego, the devil) has no reality whatsoever! This is a dream, Rory, not reality! And what you call real, isn’t real, but a dream image that changes constantly. You are changing constantly. Why don’t you let your totality change entirely? GOD is real, constant, eternally in your mind which is His own Mind. You cannot see apart from HIM. That’s the truth. You are His Son. Jesus lives, I live, you live… in the recognition of the truth, but this dream you see as the world is not what life is. It’s an image of death within your own mind, and this needs correction – which is a miracle. You are healed right now by the Power of the Holy Spirit offering this correction. You are healed by the Christ Mind Which is the Mind of God, one Mind.

  Who are these countless souls across the globe if not you, dear friend?

  You need salvation and no one else.  Indeed, everyone else in your mind will be saved with you, because every one is already saved along with you. Give this time wholly to your Self, and everything will be fine.

  I dearly love you, Rory, and you too, Wendy, ..with all my Heart.

  You don’t need to reply to this letter, but you are welcome if you feel an honest quest for your personal transformation, for healing of the mind, and if it’s still not happening for you.

  Forever Yours… at your side



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  There is also a half-hour video at Google Video about me demonstrating healing, if you’d like to have a look.  Search for “A Course in Miracles Devavan” if you’d like to find it straight away. Thank you. Thank you, Father!


My Re-Birthday – What happened to me…

I received today in the afternoon birthday wishes from my brothers Martha, Ximena and Taka of the Miracle Center in Bogotá via Live Messenger. My first reaction was: What day is it? And when I was told that it is the 9th of March I had an immediate memory of that awesome and unforgettable Experience I had 17 years ago in South Mexico when I disappeared for an instant and forever in the universe, merging with everything and everyone. It changed everything, particularly me.
Then, while I was still chatting with my friends, I received a phone call and was asked if I could come and help out with a party which later came out to be a birthday party. How lucky me! To serve and give the Light of Heaven to a celebrating child in a group of noisy kids with parents was exactly what I needed today to remember what my function here is: to give and to be happy. I am extremely happy! And here is my own story what happened to me on this journey down to Central America in the year 1990, to find God. The only way, that it could possibly have happened, was that God found me! That’s the way it works…
I was ready to see that I needed a ‘living Master’, One Who could give me a clear reflection of myself. I started again to communicate with God and asked for help. I resumed communicating with Jesus and knew I was not alone in this journey.
All this led me to an EXPERIENCE OF ONENESS that would bring about a significant change in what I called ‘my life’ since the beginning of 1990, but really was just the beginning of my journey back Home.
This Experience did not occur for me as result of my efforts as expressed in a “spiritual-seeker-identity.” It happened by Grace. Though this Experience kept me for weeks in a kind of a shifted perception, once I was back in my home country, Austria, I thought that I would have to look some more. Though I never doubted this Experience to be a real one, I was still looking for a teaching I could apply in daily situations to stay in a certainty and constancy of truth.
The first key-event in which I had an Experience of oneness and underwent consciously the death of the body and all the fear in me took place just under the ruins of the Maya-Pyramids in Palenque, Mexico, in the beginning of March 1990, the 9th. Some notes I wrote in my diary about this Experience follow here:
All forms were seen in their center from radiant to bright-shining to yellow-green. At the circumference the colors turned into the corresponding rainbow-colors…. Countless recognitions occurred for me within the infinity of the universe which opened my eyes to seeing the falsity of my insane world and the meaninglessness of everything.
I called on my friend and felt that I didn’t differ from her but was One with her; in fact was her. I stared out to the stars and recognized, though they had no meaning, the vastness of the universe. I could only think of
my world by making utmost effort and saw that it had no meaning either. A new thinking took place; a Being there-in. I became the event myself, each moment anew, and had the knowledge that there is only this
moment. I looked around and whatever I saw I recognized as ALIVE, as a living Being, a living Spirit, as pure Light. It became clear to me that I was not separate from anything, but that we are all ONE, all one Divine Consciousness, one Singular Creative Power, just appearing as some dream figures that are simultaneously converted to the Light That they really are. Thus I was greeting stars, clouds, trees, bushes, humans and grass blades in the same manner and showed them my humility, saying “Thank you” to all of them for allowing me to be with them, to be able to meet them once more and leave this place together forever….
I thought I had understood everything there is to understand and underwent the Experience that up to this moment I called ‘death’. Instantly I knew that there is NO death, but that God and Love is in me and lasts eternally. It revealed to me how great LOVE can be in me and that It IS THE MOST IMPORTANT and makes the only sense in “my life.” I was grateful and clear that everything will show up here for my
salvation, in this moment, and reveal itself as what I am and what I had decided for. Time was clearly seen as non-existent. I found myself only NOW as all there is, happening spontaneously and simultaneously.
Neither was there space in a time reference, but pure Spaciousness as the experience of extension of that Power. And I was only HERE, which had nothing to do with a location or manifestation. In fact all manifestation was recognized as nothing in this Light.
I could not feel any heartbeat and didn’t know anymore if I was physically dead or from a medical standpoint, defined as ‘alive’. I thought I was dead but was still the Soul which is, as being the life essence, also where a body is experienced, but not confined to it. I experienced myself in communication with everything and everybody, all of Self, whatsoever came to me as a thought-form into my mind. At the same time I felt every single hair touching the face when I was shaking the head.
But I was also amazed how much I found myself being able to love all the beings that were around me. It had nothing to do with the body.
Suddenly a feeling of panic struck me that I would not be able to get out of this world anymore and would be at the mercy of the “dark night” and the force of darkness and death, lying like dead in a coffin, this physical world, covered by clouds or a blanket instead of the wooden cover. That was how it felt. Not to be able to experience anymore the light of the daytime nor to realize what I considered a fulfillment of my purpose here brought about an incredible fear and terror.
Everything moved like a cyclone toward its center where insanity seemed to be. This was the fear: to become insane, to die, to be nothing. It felt like being on the razor’s edge. In spite of all of this I was always myself, and I put my hands on my stomach and heart and spoke to myself: “I love you (and thought of my friend and surprisingly of Lao Tsu), I love life, I keep with God, with love, with meditation….” For the first time I felt my need to love and only love. I realized the unimportance and meaninglessness of my so-long-defended worldly existence. I recognized and accepted my true purpose for being here; to love all of myself including myself as my Self. Nothing else.
I had a look at my toes and they looked so pale and shrunken and I knew that this body had NOTHING to do with me. I was not able to die. What was left of this re-birth was GRATITUDE, infinite gratitude towards all of Creation, though everything I could see and experience I knew was and is my Self….
These revelations were not only an immense enrichment, but contain for me an essential and personal Experience of Oneness with all the universe and the recognition that THERE IS NO DEATH. Since then I could not doubt anymore the truth that there is only ONE Singular Reality because I could experience It myself.
This is an excerpt from my book “Only One Love IS.”  Thank you for joining with me by reading it. If you are interested to read more, download it freely or order a copy, please visit the website .
I love you.


Resurrection: Transformation of darkness to the Light

Resurrection means that I have to make a physical appearance with a full memory of my true Identity. For the human consciousness this is a complete impossibility. In this moment of finding myself in a body and having all kinds of perceptions – it feels quite weird – I can only ask God for help to get me out of this impossible condition and to be shown of more of His Light, since “I am the Light of the world.”

  I can use (as e.g.) music to move body-energy again into rhythm (energetic openly flowing) and can as well (by a conscious decision) determine not to have any use of it (in energetic phenomena) anymore. But there will always be a prerequisite of willingness to allow an undoing of illusory thoughts to occur (which are the causing thoughts of any physical impulse) and to re-cognize my true identity, the Light of God in me, as an uninterrupted communication with HIM.

  Since there is no total release in the observation of sensations (thought forms) and I am also no longer afraid of any fear thoughts in my mind, I literally `step´ with my whole Beingness into these temporarily arising sensations (which are also conceptually understood as “darkness”) and experience for a moment as what I associated with and defined myself in the past: to be an effect of fear and terror, all possible separation from my Source.

By remembering that I (as a conceptual human consciousness with all these past flaws) cannot restore myself to the one singular Reality, I have to let go of all efforts on my part and ask God (Who already is in my mind) for help and be ready to join, re-establish a reunion with the Mind of God Where the Light is. The conversion of darkness to Light can never occur in the isolation of a “private” mind or the belief in withdrawal from my brothers.

As soon as I do not hold on to grievances or self-righteous thoughts in my mind (which in truth is impossible to have) I instantly experience the release and God’s Presence in me. And there is only for a moment this sensation somewhere before all body-sensations disappear into the nothing-ness that they really are. The communication with the Light, with God, is thus restored as it remained unchanged and unchangeable throughout all my attempts to find it again, somewhere out there, in you, in someone else.

Only this Experience of Light is real and of value, and nothing else. Nothing is outside of my mind. There is no world. I was simply ready and willing to literally become the fear, or whatsoever arising perception, and have physically experienced its non-existence – as I do now. The only existence of the Light is revealed to me by my real thoughts that are one with God. It has been given me by God and therefore I can shine this Light and heal in the midst of finding myself in my own denial, discovering IT to be already everywhere as the singular Creative Reality. Here is the great Gig in the pie: My Identity as being the Light of the world doesn’t depend on my perception at all. Am I not a lucky man? Thank you!

  This is a description and recognition of my countless personal experiences of physical transformation, bringing along the unchangeable reunion with God, literally offering me to live in the Resurrection by extending the truth about me. What is the truth? That… I am not a body! That… I am free! The truth is that this is a dream and it will never be real, and that I am the cause of the dream, and this cause has no reality or existence whatsoever. Jesus expresses it in A Course in Miracles in one sentence of a lesson this way: The world I see has nothing to do with reality. It is of my own making, and it does not exist.

  All that is needed is my willingness to undergo a process which is indeed a single moment of undoing of fear in my mind, my uncompromising `yes´ to change my mind about all self-concepts (about myself and everyone and everything in this world) and to experience this Holy Instant where the truth is revealed.

As soon as you find interest in such transformational experiences for yourself, a true Reverence from outside-your-frame will appear in your dream sequence as a Teacher of God, offering you your Way-Out, showing you your need of a required Course in Miracles. It usually starts with having an immediate release and experience of the Light, simply by proximity, and doing the first 50 lessons of the Workbook of A Course in Miracles.

  This here, where you find yourself at this moment in the dream sequence, is a place of transition for you as well as me that offers us together everything to experience our former made decision, to go Home and be free and one with Our Father in Heaven, as completed.

It is a gift (given us by God) to be able to recognize now that you are free. It is the acceptance of Creation; that HE created His beloved Son (you, me, everyone) in His likeness, in like quality of love and perfection – as He is. The singular Truth does not need further explanations, since there is nothing outside of It. Descriptions and explanations are solely a testimony how thoughts are processed and let go so that true communication can be restored. Nevertheless it is expressed in the trust I have for my brothers who are with me in this awesome post-resurrection scene that shows me nothing else than the fact that I am the savior of the world by seeing the Christ in my brother, in you, in the “funny” guy literally standing next to me. Thank you for joining me in the resurrection and seeing that the illusion of the crucifixion is over and doesn’t serve us any longer.

  Join with Your resurrected Self in an awesome upcoming Event between April 1 – 8, 2007 (Palm Sunday through Easter Sunday) at the Miracles Healing Center in Wisconsin Dells, USA. The Master Teacher of A Course in Miracles and Teachers of God invite you to experience the Passsion of your Resurrection.
Come, be freed of this burden of fear and self-doubt that you thought was a necessary and inescapable part of your existence. Come and free yourself that the world may be free. Come now to this celebration, you who are heavy-laden. We invite you to experience the incomparable resurrecting power of love emanating from this ever-expanding circle of Atonement.” (The Master Teacher)

Please, check out as well as and browse into their LINKS for any more information and offer to enter this experience for yourself. Jesus loves you!

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