Great Awakening in Bünde, Germany

We will join and celebrate the Great Awakening on January 2 – 4, 2009 in Bunde (near Herford), Germany, and invite you with an open mind and Heart.

This is an event for your Awakening and Healing in the recognition of our Universal Oneness – Here and Now. We will start on Friday, 7 pm, Saturday and Sunday 10 am. Please contact us for further details. Welcome!
A Course in Miracles International


mit Devavan und weiteren Lehrern Gottes

in Buende (nähe Herford), Nordrhein-Westfalen, Deutschland: 2., 3. & 4. Januar 2009

Freitag: 18 Uhr; Samstag: 9.00  – 18 Uhr, Sonntag: 10 – 13 Uhr

Ort: Heimstätte “Dünne” (Heimathaus), Bodelschwinghstrasse 118, Bünde

Bitte ruf für Detailinformation an oder bestätige deine Teilnahme per Email:

 (+49) 05223498233 oder 0175-4513217 (Manu & Steffen)


 Dies ist ein Ereignis deines Erwachens und deiner Heilung in der Erkenntnis Unseres Universellen Einsseins — Hier und Jetzt.



Continuing the Light Extension in Sessions in Poland

Wroclaw has become a very modern European City with many students,
coffee shops, restaurants and shopping centers. I was invited to stay at
Dorota’s apartment in the student sector of Wroclaw, remembering my own student years in
rented apartments, coming and going every day several times with the tramway or
walking, sitting and having a coffee in Cafeterias and using the internet
conection. Dorota is also renting out one room to a student and right next to
my room was a constant party going on with TV and Polish dubbed movies to
listen to. I could re- live all this and though it felt so over and gone I was
taken care of so well. Other brothers who came to session also came to visit us
at times or stayed for a couple of nights, and I could enjoy Birogis and other
Polish specialties every night when we came back from session. I also had my
own music on my laptop I could listen too whenever I wanted and share with the
brothers in session, and all this became really a different experience for me.
Every morning we met in session and every day some other brothers would show
up. By the weekend we were quite a nice little group of up to 15-20 with
brothers from Warsaw, Bydgosz, Torun and Opole.
Henry (whom I enjoy very much listening to his teaching) and Jola (translating
us) were helping me in any possible way. At lunch time I was almost every day
taken care of invitations by Malgosia and Agnieszka who are the core-“sisters” with
Jola of this almost forgotten brotherhood in Wroclaw. I was very glad I came and a few
personal conversations addressed some special thoughts that needed to be looked
at. Though there is a little problem with the consistency there might be a good
chance that some brothers will meet again 5-6 times a week to join in the Light
Experience instead of just twice a week and letting the rented room be empty. I
know that Henry is completely available to them who was there with me in every
single session for this week. We let it then all go on Sunday after a beautiful
Bible Session of Henry, Light Session and myself teaching in the afternoon,
watching the Unchained Melody video of the Master Teacher with Jola still
translating unceasingly and joining again with classical music in the Light
before we said good-bye and I was teleported back to Poznan.

An invitation for one more week in Poznan was given me and
we continued having sessions morning and evenings. I am really enjoying this 15
– 20 brothers coming to the evening sessions very consistently. It’s such a joy
being with them and seeing how willing they are to be active in the mind
training, leave the world and just go Home. There was a request for some 12
Step work and I offered them the Program in a three days intensive course
during the afternoons, introducing them to all the steps, guiding them and
practicing the steps 1-7 as a beginning. They will use the Holy Spirit in their
coming together as a so-called “Group-Conscience” as their ‘Sponsor’-Guide and
some will continue this way working the steps until a personal sponsor will
show up for them. The first class was actually the best visited session
throughout this week. It seems the practicability of this Program is also
recognized and being appreciated by many of them, and by the fruits they will
see how they are worked miraculously by the Light Itself using this program
along with the Course in Miracles.

On early Saturday morning about ten brothers accompanied me to Torun, a city about 2 hours drive north east of Poznan where Danusia invited me to join them in a one day intensive Advent in their
rented session room. About another ten brothers from Torun showed up, and upon arrival I already had a very strong memory of these brothers and Torun
as a well-known place in my mind. We had a wonderful morning session with lots
of healing Light and listened to Chopin, exploded in the lunch Light session,
had wonderful Chinese food, came back to watch a Christmas video with the
Master (Chapter 15) and had more Light experience with Italian music and Polish
Polka. I shared also how I came to the Course and was directed to finish in a
session with parts of Chapter 14 and 26 of A Course in Miracles with more
Christmas music. All in all: it was an out-of-time arranged re-union of
Awakened minds and it was just simply obvious for everyone how much we love God
and each other. We finished at 7 pm and went all together to the magical
Old-Town Torun with their gothic churches, halls and buildings: I had never
seen something like this. It could easily be a master craftsmen performance of
master freemasons. However, we had some more coffee and apple-strudel in a cold
and weather protected courtyard in one of these old and gothic buildings before
we returned to Poznan.
I am very grateful that this gift was given me, and I might easily be back to
teach A Course in Miracles along with brothers remembering God through any

Back in Poznan we decided to visit after the Sunday Worship Session again the Center of Poznan with its worth-seeing main square, the old buildings all around, a Christmas market and all these lovely
Polish people I love very much. I am so glad I made this trip here for the last
three weeks and will bring these healing memories with me to Germany where
I’ll join our brothers in Wusterwitz. We will have a great Christmas and New
Years Party time, and there are already many reservations done by German,
Polish and Austrian brothers. The Divine Party out-of-time must go on, no
options left. Thank you, Father! Feel free to join us anytime. You can write
directly to
or check out the website finding all specific links  and events calendar on . Visit us also at our online classes at
and join actively me in your own Awakening. Thank you, my Friend!


Report of the Advent in Wusterwitz (Germany) and Poznan (Poland)

This was an extraordinary Reunion of Teachers of God out-of-time. An intensive Light insertion occurred in the midst of committed brothers coming together in Wusterwitz, Germany, in their celebration of their own Awakening.

There were about 50 brothers from Germany, Austria, Poland and even one brother from Venezuela and New Zealand present, and Rafal as the invited teacher has demonstrated the teachings of Jesus’ ACIM and his own resurrecting Experience in a complete uncompromising singular expression of whole Self.
There was a lot of excitement and joy in the Kingdom and gratitude for being part of this glorious event overwhelmed each and everyone without end. We thank Our Father in Heaven.

The following week I spent with the brothers in Poznan (Posen) in Poland, and had the opportunity to teach twice a day in their new Center and during the Advent weekend in downtown Poznan. Dafne and Thaddaeus who live with their children Filip and Agatha there. Agniezka who was also my translator from German into Polish, and Malgosia with her daughters Ada and Silvia, also Ewa and newly arrived Teresa were very consistent during this week in the morning and evening sessions.
In the evenings a few more brothers showed up (Jarek, other Malgosia, Kamila and others), and for the Advent we had Henry and Jola from Wroclaw, Dorota, Ewa and several other brothers from Torun, Jurek from Stettin and Marchencka from Bydgosh. Also Peter N. and Klaus Dieter were coming from Germany and all together we were 25-30 brothers during the Advent with the many behind each one being willing to go Home.
The Advent was a complete surprise: it was not only for the first time that an invitation was given to a German speaking teacher of God, but also the incredibel Light we shared in all the sessions. It was a delight to see everyone lightening up and be happy without any reason what-so-ever. On Sunday before all participants had also a chance to declare themselves we spent our lunchtime together at the Advent facility and had Pizza together. It was truly a demonstration of the Power of forgiveness, showing the miraculous change of mind, “where an ancient hatred has become a present love…”
The brothers of Poznan invited me back after my week long trip to Wroclaw where I have just arrived. We also will join twice a day in sessions in our singular purpose and a small core group around Henry and Jola, Malgosia, Agniezka, Dorota, Iwona, Isa and Magda who were already with Dear One at his only Advent in Poland in a small rented room in down-town Wroclaw. More brothers are showing up every day and join in the Light Experience. They all look really good and are a very precious memory in my Going-Home. I am very grateful to be used by the only true Spirit to extend the truth. I love you very much.

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