Maracaibo (Venezuela) experiences its rebirth


Hearing from the snow storm in Wisconsin almost makes me stop sweating, but it doesn’t yet lower the hot temperatures here in Maracaibo. The great thing is that we don’t really care anymore about the circumstances as Master reminds me.

Maracaibo is a very busy city during the week and almost empty on Sundays. Honking the horn of your car seems to be a major activity of all drivers. It seems weird on the first sight as anything in “Kookamanga” is a kind of strange. But what is much more important is that I come to know that I am doing great. And the brothers coming to session are great and helpful in any way.

Having arrived in Maracaibo we had right away a great Advent with more than 60 participants from all over Venezuela. We were in a building with view over a part of the city and the lake, and even the caretaker with his son enjoyed God’s grace and the Light during these first days. My host, Nancy, who will be in Wisconsin by end of march, did a great job and got gracious support from Elisa, Mila, Salvadora, Aura Elisa and others.

With beginning of the week things changed according the participation rate. Most of the guys had to go back to work and would only show up for the evening session, but it also gave us room to do a “training for teaching” as part of the morning sessions – as already offered in the places I had the previous Advents. But no matter how many or few would show up, a new house has been rented and about 10-15 brothers have a commitment to have two sessions per day. As the first teacher in their new Center they also asked me to share my experiences and help them to get a basic administration and session coordination going. On Thursday evening after a 12 Step Meeting everyone stayed for that particular “Center meeting” and Mila was accepted to be the first Administrator for the first 2 months, and Elisa to coordinate who will do sessions for the first 4-6 weeks. Alba will take care of the materials and communicate with us in Wisconsin and the Centers in Bogota and Ecuador. They will offer their positions to the group-conscience after this time period and include everyone for teaching or teacher’s training who were till now only participating in one of the other three, smaller Course groups in Maracaibo. The “Maracuchos” have a lot of Light, but are not used to share it and give it away by fully being themselves. This new Center will be a great opportunity for them to come into their Self.

On Saturday evening I was invited to do a session at one of the privately organized Centers, the “Cristal Light Center” which Victor and Monica have rented for their extension to more than 40 determined people. We had a great and very joyful session with about 50 guys, and the best was seeing all these old friends entering the Light with Latin rhythmic music. We closed the evening with sharing Pizzas and Coke at a close-by Pizzeria and having a walk at the Maracaibo main square with a visit of a marriage ceremony in the Basilika and the 20 yards tall Vergin with 3 meter tall angels surrounding her.

Sunday was a powerful Resurrection celebration and letting go of thoughts of idols and limited offers of transformation combined with jokes and lots of fun. During the afternoon we made a visit at the lake and the 4 miles long bridge.

Maracaibo is very new and feels ready for more and more. Welcome!

In the next days I’ll be returning to Colombia by land on the way back to Bogota where I’ll be for the last few days of this 7 weeks long trip before returning to Wisconsin.

As Master always reminds me, our time is very short, and we’ll be out of here in a moment…


I send you all Love and Light and have you right here with me.

Thank you for everything.


Devavan Star Wink



Quito, Ecuador, in its Great Awakening

I am just on the way to Maracaibo and have a rest in Panama City in 30 C (85 F) and even the shopping mall didn’t really do a great job to keep us from sweating. But I miss my brothers in Wisconsin and feel them very much with me here.

The last 2 weeks in Quito, Ecuador, were very nice and a memory in itself. We started out with the Advent as a retreat in a monastery 1 hour outside of Quito City and everything was prepared for us by the nuns. Saint Vincent was their beloved “hero” and they also loved our Light music and asked for a CD. Four new brothers from Loja who had to drive for about 14 hours were there, and the Llamas in the backyard were as well a full part as anybody else. We were just a small group of 25-30 guys but we had lots of fun and enjoyed to watch Dear One on a super big screen. Lots of healing was happening. It is always incredible for me to see how important it is to re-establish communication in my mind and not exclude anything, because we really have done it fully, and enjoy the over-ness of it now.

Gemini and I who were invited by the brothers to do this Advent finally did it together, and Tony was offering his service and help openly as well as Martha and Mai who are a joy to have around.

The week after the Advent was shared with two sessions per day, and it became visible who are the core guys and are in full give and service. Every day one of them brought food or cooked, and their Center where we all lived was cleaned by a lady care-taker. But their contract runs out and a new Center will be found, probably without barking dogs as neighbors. However, we all taught passionately and enjoyed the shopping opportunities and a trip to the Hot Springs in the mountains. Quito is already 2600 m high, and our trip to the City’s observation point, Pinchicha, brought us up to 4100 m (12300 ft). The air is always thin, and it took me a lot of breathing and slowing down walking around and dancing in Light Session.

There was also a great interest in coming to Wisconsin though many brothers still have their financial difficulties. But there is lot of gratitude and willingness to give in many ways. It was a blast and honor to be with them and join them. I also offered them a “Teacher’s training,” and we looked at the necessity to get out of the “social club” and let the Holy Spirit undo all time establishing ideas in a completely uncompromising way.

I love them all very much and see forward welcoming them in Endeavor Academy in Wisconsin.

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