3 Days To Awakening: Day One – Looking for a Way out of Here

Books published by Divine Man Publishing are books written and extended to the world by Devavan, the author’s name, as these works can be found and are shared on Amazon as part or related to the series “Divine Man – 3 Days To Awakening“. Volume I (Book 1 of 3) is: Day One – Looking for a Way out of Here.

All books published in English are part of or related to this series which is following a basic book, which is “The Call to the Unlimited“, consisting of essays with their various themes that are part of the greater conversion in our Whole Mind. (see below).

Here is the description to this new series “Three Days To Awakening“:
This newest series of Devavan’s books reflects the source of inspiration, the “Divine Man,” which stands as a synonym for the Christ Within our Self, Jesus’ guidance for all men on the way Home, the Holy Spirit’s Voice and Help to complete the transformation of the human consciousness to the illuminate New Man, New Freedom, Oneness of Beings. 

The seeming process is termed as “Three Days” which can be understood as three steps, three actions of mind of self-recognition. All steps involve an honest look at one’s own thoughts, choices, experiences and decisions. In allowing and accepting the crucial change towards the one and only value that does not shift nor change, but reveals its permanence of present and eternal Reality without opposite, this seeming journey demonstrates the undeniable success of this transformative experience as the remembrance of “Three Days To Awakening,” how we awaken the Divine Man within ourselves.

The idea of “Three Days to Awakening” of the self can be understood as following:

Day 1 consisting of coming here, entering into a dream-sequence called “human life,” and experiencing very personally the pain and suffering of the self pretending to be separate from its Source, GOD, realizing that all human actions lead to death and the annihilation of this limited, little self. No real solution can be found, though they are sought in endless, uncountable attempts on all levels and every corner of the world as well as all educated and assimilated mental capacities that make up this conceptual self called “I” or “Me”.

Day 2 recognizing one’s own limitations and coming to a devastating conclusion of having enough of this place, this world, this dream of fear and separation, admitting that there is no solution within the split-mind that knows only a way of thinking of cause and effect being separate. At this crucial turning-point the human consciousness is finally becoming aware of being trapped by its own thoughts with its endless cycles of misery and death. At last the suffering individual makes the decision “I don’t want it anymore,” asks for help, hands him/herself and all objective reality over to a Higher Power, Something greater than oneself, a universal corrective Principle, GOD, however we want to call It, and coming out on the “Other Side.” Therefore…

Day 3 is not a day that compares or considers reference to the previous, other days, but stands for the eternal and present holy Instant of waking up from the dream and leaving perception of this place of despondency and death in the awakening or resurrecting Light Experience that there is no death, and anything seen, felt or perceived in any way is not what Life is. The mind experiences healing in the true understanding, an alignment with The Divine Within and an each-and-all-recognizing Oneness of singular Self that knows OneSelf as Being Free and Happy without a memorable reference or comparison. Mind is no longer mind, but Spirit realized as Thinking or Divine Thought in timeless extension.

Truly, it is a series reflecting not more than one single instant in time transforming oneself and the world into Eternity, or better eternal Presence, and coming to Life at last, remembering Who I am – as Being Created perfect and whole.

After the first publication in this series which started with the basic text 
The Call To The Unlimited: For The Salvation Of The World

consisting of essays with their manifold topics which are all part of the greater conversion in our Whole Mind. We are looking at human beliefs and “realities” being transformed to the singular meaning given by the awakened Mind in relation to ideas raised in the science communities, religious establishments, philosophical discussion forums, addiction related recovery groups, health and wellness propagating organizations, esoteric circles, “end-scenario” prophets and “Course in Miracles” study and discussion groups…
More details and in which languages this book has been translated you can find in this following blogspot:
All of them have in common that they show interest for a real solution to the problem of the human condition in separation with its true Source. Most of these seekers are interested in a change of mind and a possible or necessary experience beyond postulated concepts, an Experience of oneness of Mind, God.

The Chapters are ordered in the understanding of transforming the human consciousness, starting with Our Common Knowledge that is already within us, being interested in The Offered Alternative, making The Decision for a new Experience, acknowledging A Necessary Change of Mind and expressing that We Are Sharing One Solution.

…it follows the first of three Volumes with the same title “3 Days To Awakening” but different subtitles.

 The first Volume with the subtitle “DAY ONE – Looking for a Way Out of Here” has been published now as paperback and in the Kindle eBook version, and is available and accessible for a first Look-Inside-the-Book or read more information in the description of its content.

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for these features and info about the online purchase (with the permission to lend the eBook to other readers). The cost on Amazon is $4.99 for the Kindle version or $0.00 for Kindle Unlimited, and $12.95 for the Paperback.  
The small fraction of what will be passed onto me will be used for further extension of the Message. A Thanks to Heaven, to you and all of us for this divine Support.  

I have already published a PODCAST Series called “Three Days To Awakening” commenting and discussing the content of the book chapters “DAY ONE – Looking for A Way Out of Here” since beginning of 2021.
These podcasts are freely available on Spreaker.com / The Voice From Heaven (Search for “three_days_to_awakening”). As a package you can find all recordings as well as YouTube Videos listed on the blogspot


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