Personal companionship

Also in the New Year 2022 I offer you a companionship in the form of a personal reflection and connection in CHRIST-MIND. A personal room is available on Zoom as a place, we choose the time by arrangement.

Contact me by email at or using the Contact page, if you would like to utilize my help. The Holy SPIRIT in us takes care of the remuneration: there is no expectation.

THANK YOU for being HERE, and THANKS for HIS Presence in us!

Learning and study aid

If you have any questions or need help about the daily lessons from the Workbook or any other part of the Text, the Manual for Teachers or the Supplements to ACIM – A Course In Miracles, part of my offer is to support you and offer companionship in the form of a personal contact from brother to brother in the MIND of the SONSHIP.

You are welcome to contact me personally via WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype or Zoom. The Holy SPIRIT in us takes care of the remuneration: there is no expectation.

All lessons of the Workbook are freely accessible on our platform on Spreaker in the show The Voice from Heaven. The lessons are also taught in cross-connection with other parts of the course as part of my teaching classes in the same show as well as transmitted LIVE on YouTube and archived in the YouTube Playlist ACIM – Various Themes as well as in ACIM – Reflections & Lesson Clips.

Connection with the Holy SPIRIT

I offer you a universally valid invitation to recognize yourself in teaching demonstrations, called “Sessions”, as your own, whole SELF, to listen to the VOICE for GOD and to internalize IT, to experience yourself in the LIGHT of CREATION, and to remember WHO you truly and eternally ARE.

I am part of the Master’s Academy (formerly Endeavor Academy), A Course in Miracles Interrnational, and its online platform based in Wisconsin, and I am usually present LIVE once a week in a session or class via Spreaker and YouTube.

If so guided by the Holy SPIRIT such Sessions, Meetings and Workshops can be shared as an entire event day or weekend by a personal and an Out-of-time supported invitation.

In any given way you are always personally invited to take part in these sessions or to be part of this unique overall offer. There are no financial or other obligations required. Donations are gratefully accepted. All my sessions are freely available and archived in the YouTube playlist ACIM – Various Themes as well as in ACIM – Reflections & Lesson Clips.

Activating Reason

Become part of this offer in which the HOLY SPIRIT is invited to guide us in very practical and worldly topics in the form of short conversations and reflections (15-30 minutes), and teach us HIS REASON beyond all worldly perspectives and controversies. HE offers us a way of thinking that liberates the human mind from thinking in separation and cause and effect being separate, freeing us from judgements. It requires your open-mindedness and willingness to keep your mind free of beliefs you hold to be “true” or to open up anew for HIM and HIS way of thinking.

These “contemplations” with HIM are encouraged and published as “Reflections” in the form of a joint teaching demonstration.

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