Scientists are literally disappearing

Every reasonably thinking human being will admit to the great discoveries and enrichment that the science community has contributed to the consciousness of the human race. Sure, there also are and always will be denial, attack and negation of this rapid development that occurred during these last hundred years, out of religious, political, ethical or individual reasons. Therefore the antagonists have been denounced, ridiculed and tagged, and most of the science has withdrawn from public observation and is done behind hidden doors, and the scientists seem to be extremely loyal to their investing company, rather than being unconditionally helpful and directed to the many urgent quests coming from the public.
Yet we could proudly declare that there was never more scientific knowledge available than found nowadays, considering the incredible increase of publications. E.g., every year – with an increasing trend – there are more than 200 thousand new books published which “create” more than one million bits per second of new information, though most of it can be regarded as commercials, sales descriptions or entertainment publications. Considering just one of a million bits as useful, this process would still be a hundred thousand times quicker than the time that took it for the biological evolution to occur. And it seems there is no end to the outcome of conventional scientific methods as the means to produce information about the parts, but seems to be unable to grasp the meaning of the entirety. Why is that so? Have you ever asked yourself this question? Have you ever asked from where you are coming from (in the belief to exist in time/space), where you are going to, what you are doing here or who you truly are? What does that have to do with your scientific methods your society is so desperately defending and holding on to?
Particle physicists, quantum scientists, chemists, biologists, astronomers, metaphysical holists – to mention only a few –, all together over 7000 scientists from more than 80 countries who will have access to the LHC (Large Hadron Collider), are looking forward to the first use of the LHC (which is currently in the end-phase of its construction in Geneva and will be in operation by mid 2008). Becoming the world’s largest and highest particle accelerator it is hoped that this collider will produce in its 17 miles circumference underground tunnel the elusive, so called Higgs boson particle by interactions of two proton beams — often dubbed the God Particle — with the observation of which could confirm the predictions and ‘missing links’ in the Standard Model of physics, and explain how other elementary particles acquire properties such as mass. The answers if there are extra dimensions as predicted by models of string theorists, the nature of dark matter and dark energy as well as the ultimate questions about gravity, are expected to be answered. Even the possibility that a stable Black Hole in earth or strange matter could be produced as negative “side-effects” while experimenting will not stop us to satisfy our need to “know.” We truly suffer as humans from the need to speed up our association, to accelerate our experience to something new. And that is indeed a honest quest for a solution.
We want to agree at least that a human being is by nature a researcher and scientist, even someone who is focused on only growing and mixing his own herbal relaxation teas. Humans love to inquire into life as perceived by the eyes and senses and evaluate everything by measurement and categorizing. Any documentation about nature provides us with a multiplicity of this type of scientific approaches driven by the desire to improve its condition and ultimately to understand one’s own life and evolution, to find the Holy Grail. As these smallest particles or the vastest universe, so is also the human body itself the prototype of an object for scientific research. There isn’t any square-inch that hasn’t yet been researched and documented. But has the human race understood what this “life” is all about? How has the human consciousness been raised to transform its devastating memory of constant warfare, attack, separation and struggle with its own? And has it overcome the obsession to death? Why are you (now personally addressed) not considering to be and represent the God-Particle yourself? Or are you, and also intent to teach it?
All of our attempts to find new information to the solution are only possible by the justified meaning of the first and main point of the scientific methods, a believed reality of objective “observation.” All science, from Aristotle to Newton to Einstein, is based on an interpretation of the eyes judgment or calibrated machines reflecting what perception has defined as a world of objectivity. That’s why the other points of scientific methods like hypothesis (to create a sort of intelligent guess based on what is observed), prediction, experimentation (to test the predictions and change the hypothesis, if applicable) and finally repetition have become the backbone of our development and understanding of reality. Has anybody ever noticed that this seeming unavoidable excess of information coming only from “successful” repetition is nothing else than the result of our repeating our self-made errors, over and over again without going to the core of the error or the creator of the error?
Drastic changes yet have shattered this kind of limited understanding within the science community. Quantum science has given us proof that all experiments are affected by observation. If you are looking for a real outcome of any experiment you literally cannot observe anything, any part while the experiment is going on. The reason why this is so is simply because there is no real outcome of conceptual self, or in other words – there is no result to the falsity of conceptual understanding which has determined its way in time in a separated cause-effect relationship. You are finally only researching yourself and are the effect of your own thinking, and whatever your conclusion to occurrences in time is: know that you are wrong! All of your observation is meaningless, because you (as the observer) are meaningless as long as you defend yourself in a knower-position which keeps a past reference intact as its reality. All meaning is only Some Thing Which is not linked to the past or any time, which (for convenience) I will start to call God. Do I need to believe in Him? Why not try to think it this way?! If every thing and no-thing is “full” of Some Thing, why would I be left out?! If I am part of the greater Some Thing I must be part of Its extension which I call Creation. Thus I must be the God Particle which (of course) already has been created, because it is Creation Itself, but the whole world is seemingly still expecting it to show up. I am (as you are) the only one Particle there is, since one includes all. In A Course in Miracles this is called the Second Coming and the Particle the Son of God who is like His Father.
Now you can ask me “where is He?” And my answer will be: He is the One Who knows you perfectly and shows you that you are nothing in your self observation. He is already in your mind and waits for you to welcome Him in quietness, honesty and determination to see all things differently. God, the Substratum of the entire universe, the Universe of universes, is in you, experienced in your joining with His Creation, and not in the fear expressed distance of non-involved objectivity. He is seen in the conversion of the experimenter himself and turning his will over to a Power greater than himself, and “being found” in an Experience of one’s own dissolution of self into Self. Are you aware of Him now? Your whole Self is waiting for you since beginning of time, throughout all your experimenting with nothingness: come and join me and see your Self in a moment out-of-time. I invite you to meet the Master Teacher as your Self. (Please visit us for details at: or ). But remember that you, in the application of conceptual mind, cannot really see, hear or find Him, but you can ask to be found by Him. How does it work? Simply stop searching and researching outside yourself, just stand still for a moment and remember that you need do nothing! It’s not out there, anywhere. God, the truth of collided particles, your experience of being one with all of yourself, completely free and happy, is within you! In a scientific way – as this quest is attempted to be answered within Quantum and Particle Science etc. – you, and all societies, are finally looking for evidence in the capacities of extraordinary minds like an Enlightened Man (homo illumine) for a last reflection of your non-existence in time-space and your unlimited extension of being Mind Yourself, instead of a body that is observed to death. Meet with your own revelatory Mind, by which the Tachyon-Field of universal Light Energy heals and renews with its faculty all limited thought forms in you and so in all the world.  Only this Energy Field (I call the Holy Spirit) literally triggers off a re-birth in you and is recognized as a true identity in your communication with the Substratum, God. I am reborn each time a brother’s mind turns to the light in him and looks for me, Jesus teaches us in A Course in Miracles. The Christ in you is truly the greatest Quantum Scientist. Thank You for listening!



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