Devavan – and the New Christian Church

In November 2003 I followed the calling of the NCCFE – New Christian Church Of Full Endeavor – in Wisconsin to perform the Holy Sacraments and conduct services of healing, worship and teaching in the Church’s community in Wisconsin Dells (see Endeavor Academy ) and affiliated Centers within USA and abroad. I have been given this privilege also due to my German and Spanish language skills which are used in many ways to extend the message of the resurrection, of love and forgiveness, as demonstrated to us by Jesus Christ.

In my mission as a Minister (ordained in February 2003) and Religious Worker I had and still have a very broad spectrum of activities within my ministerial calling to extend the healing grace and truth that is present by the invitation of the miracle and the act to turn my personal will and life over to the care of God and accept healing for myself. During these last five years I experienced in many light episodes and quiet revelatory moments the necessity of the acceptance of the atonement for myself and witnessed the healing benefits of this practice in others. A week lived in the extension of my ministerial assignments and responsibilities feels to me like one day.

I extend my ministerial calling and experience with God in a variety of different assignments in and around contemplating, practicing and coming to a new understanding of the offered change of mind through the Lesson of the Day and used teachings of the Christ. The main part of “my work” is around communication, talking to people who need help in their own spiritual transformation and joining with them in self-recognition in a miraculous healing experience, a Holy Instant, and extending my own conscious contact with God. I am giving away the message in many different forms, one-on-one, via internet audio and video connection, telephone and small group encounters of which I will not write about in this article.

I am very grateful for all the gifts and opportunities given me to receive the healing grace through the Christ’s Presence in this small but very active association and brotherhood and see myself very much as a full part of the Church and its offering. I have come to understand – as it can be read in A Course in Miracles – the necessity to “teach in order to learn” and to express my need to communicate with individuals of other countries and races beyond educated boundaries of cultural, religious and social differences. I call myself a “New Christian” without a need to be an incorporated part in the many established Christian denominations battling other religious systems.

“God is but love, and therefore so am I.” is more than enough for me in my attempt to represent an all loving God Who does not see any need to curse me, His own Son. I believe that peace in the world is possible and necessary through an individual process of transformation of the mind and practice in the trust in God, recognizing that an opposite to God is not only a factual impossibility but also in its imagination a Self-denial and ultimately the cause for all sickness and self inflicted problems, felt and recognized by almost everyone as a general well-known separation anxiety, I call the “human’s addiction to death.”

I am willing to constantly let my human identity be undone and to change my mind and give everything to receive the truth about myself and to remember who I truly am as God created me, to wake up to the Light of Heaven which is already in my mind and so in everyone’s.

I came to believe that God can do for me what I could not do for myself and therefore believe in miracles as an act of trust and willingness to let go and to give as received. Only giving makes me happy in whatever form it is given me to express my gratitude in my services towards mankind.

I don’t have any ties any longer to the past I would value above this mission entrusted me, and all I want and desire for myself is to continue this mission I have been offered and guided by Jesus Christ Himself to the end of time (which I know as “Now.”) I am grateful to be here in the United States and see the NCCFE in Wisconsin Dells as a perfect place for me to be truly helpful to you and me, the brotherhood and all the world. It is truly a privilege to be in the midst of a multi-national society and contribute spiritual support and help where freedom and liberty has always stood up as its highest value. For me the world is only over when not one thought of sin remains. It is a very joyful and peaceful assignment, and it is what I always was looking for. In my willingness to give I always see how much help is constantly given me.

Amazingly I did not stop expressing my passion and skills as a writer in my leisure and became even a book author.  I was able to finish my book “Only One Love IS – Three Days of Time Travel… West to East and back Home to Heaven” by Dr. Rabbit. Its official presentation and publication happened in July 2006. It is now registered at the Library of Congress and is copyrighted. I have handed it over to the Church’s Library and Miracles Communication Center to be part of its materials we send out and have moved on to live all teachings day by day, moment by moment.

  Sincerely, with loving regards



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