The Master’s Advent in Spain, Nov 2007

Four days of the Master, Dear One, in Mataró, Spain, was something so very incredible to experience that I have hardly words to describe. All I can say is that I am so grateful to be with him, and that it was a great demonstration of truth and Light Experience. For everyone the difference to any other demonstrations for transformation of the mind became very clear and evident, and by Saturday morning the correction of any magical approaches to demonstrate A Course in Miracles was made.
Only he could do that and that’s why he is the Master. It is really a desintegration of egoic mind and rebirth in the truest sense. Sunday after he left by lunch-time we all would stand (spread all over the Session Hall) without much exchanges stunned in the Light and go Home. Wow!
By Monday evening (next day after the Advent) it became also evident that a continuation of demonstrations of limited light factoring for the purpose of “physical transformation” within the Mataro Center is not only problematic within the already divided Mataro brotherhood, but had to be addressed in its nothingness. A declaration was made within my own mind of the clear decision to no longer want or desire such “demonstrations of the Kundalini energy” that had been explained to be “A Course in Miracles” as well as “the way out,” but are nothing but an activation of the denial without a vertical alignment and total release. Each one who became witness to the “scenarios” in the Mataro Center for the last few weeks and the clarity in Master Teacher’s Advent this weekend will have to remember his own decision to do it under the instructions of the Master or continue with the meaninglessness of egoic attempts to localize and reduce the physical Resurrection of the Christ into a joining and dying in a body.
Dear One already has sorted it out, and everything appearing now is nothing but the confirmation within the individuum that truth is true, and nothing else is true, in other words that the falsity of illusory magic thought is also clearly recognized as meaningless and let go.
I am so immensly grateful for him and can only say that I (as every one being with the Old Man) am very very lucky. I love him so much, and I love you.
Thank you for being with me in this without compromise or condemnation.
I’ll be staying in the German Center in Wusterwitz till next Monday, return for one session to Vienna and return by next Tuesday, Nov 13, to Wisconsin.

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