Choosing the Truth


As you can see in your daily life; everything depends on your personal decisions how it is going with you. It seems at times that there would be another self that would need to make a decision instead of you. But the truth is: `You are the One´ for whom everybody in your world is waiting for. The reason that this is true is that you are the One Self, united with Your Creator. If you exclude yourself who else could be it? You are playing the essential role in Gods Plan, in the recognition that you have now a clear Experience of God, to give away and extend His Love Which created you and sustains you, the only truth, to yourself to all of your self, to God Himself. Thus you come to realize what it means to save the world. You come from "Above" and wrap it all up this time in an instant of Self-recognition. You might give it a try with your neighbour, the “guy” standing next to you. We call this forgiveness; a moment of seeing the Light instead of the grievances.

This is all it takes for the solution to unfold in your mind which is personally experienced and cannot not-reflect a saved and forgiven, healed world in its entirety. This is simply true because there is no world. For this to recognize I had and have nothing to do. It’s given by the grace of God. It’s time to stop looking for future results. The future does not offer you anything because it is already past and over. If you believe that you still can suffer under the mistake (of the schism), and the correction is supposed to occur in a future time (after the Second Coming) you are mistaken. He is already here. And the idea of a mistake and the correction happened simultaneously. It all happened a long time ago, and is just remembered now in your Experience of your own Awakening. But you had to choose truth in a moment of uncertainty and fear. Heaven is the decision I must make. No-one else but you (or I can say “me”) had to choose between illusions and truth, hell and heaven, pain and joy.

I choose the joy of God instead of pain. That’s one of the most valuable lessons in the Workbook of A Course in Miracles. It states: “Pain is a sign that illusions reign in place of Truth. It demonstrates that God is denied, confused with fear, perceived as mad, and seen as a traitor to Himself. If God is real, there is no pain. If pain is real, there is no God. For vengeance is not part of love. And fear, denying love and using pain to prove that God is dead, has shown that death is victor over life….The time has come to laugh at such insane ideas…

It is your thoughts alone that cause you pain. Nothing external to your mind can hurt or injure you in any way… There is nothing in the world that has the power to make you ill or sad, or weak or frail…

The world you see does nothing. It has no effect at all. It merely represents your thoughts. And it will change entirely as you elect to change your mind, and choose the joy of God as what you really want. Your Self is radiant in this holy joy, unchanged, unchanging and unchangeable, forever and forever…. Here will you understand there is no pain. Here does the joy of God belong to you.“

And this decision you have already made with me and thus we remember this Christmas time together that we have put our will and life, all of us, into Gods Hands. Choice is over now in the recognition that the joy and love of God have found us, that the One – Who has been given us to make all decisions for us – has chosen us, each and everyone in this collaborative venture, and that we are used in a true sense to fulfil a Singular Purpose on our journey Home.

Let this recognition sink deep into your Christmas spirit and be happy!


Merry Christmas Star


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