Travel Reports on Tour October 2007



Here is my first report after having been in Austria.

Since Dear One comes in the first November week to Mataro I changed all my plans w. Austria. We had this past weekend the Advent and had every day session at Claus & Claudia’s place in Rekawinkel, 1/2 hour west of downtown Vienna, and after having received the extension of my visa for another 3 yrs already last Thursday and traveling on Monday into the Austrian countryside to meet my mother and sister (which were very beautiful moments) I traveled on yesterday (Tuesday) to Madrid, Spain where I will be for another week before continuing to give myself away at the Finca (Guido’s place) with Bettina south of Valencia, in Murcia (Paquita’s place) and then to Valencia before traveling up to Mataro and be with all the brothers and Master….

Claus & Claudia in Austria gave their best while still taking care of their jobs and cute Ana Maria who is growing up very rapidly. They look really great and are still determined to experience a miracle in their letting go of their jobs and coming to Wisconsin. We had a good meeting about this too.

During the Advent and the sessions there came every day a few new guys though we were about 10-12 guys in each session, and all together through the week around 25 maybe. But I am glad that I just need ONE to go Home. The Light was exquisite though, and they all joined in and had a great Experience. I am very grateful to all of them though there is a lack of communication obvious with the new interested guys who mostly haven’t even started the Workbook lessons, but are rather curious to the light, and then go back to their world.

Stef and Clare arrived Saturday afternoon and are such a blessing to have them around. We did the Sunday celebration together and they are such incredible teachers by their mere demonstration that I can just say “Thank you, Jesus!”


I love you all very much and

are very grateful to know you with me wherever I go.

Thank you for your prayers and light extension.

See you in a flash.




I have just recently left Madrid and we had an awesome and powerful Advent there and sessions for the rest of the week. At the end everyone was so activated that they all for sure will show up in Mataro, north of Barcelona to meet Dear One. If you are interested attending, please visit .

Many of them have become aware of still having use of defenses against their experience of the Light and were e.g. eating meat, drank alcohol or smoked cigarettes, but are now willing to look at it and change their habits on their way out (or not). What do I know? But they all were receiving me gratefully and I truly had a great time there. Carmen and Paz gave everything as my hosts, and were very helpful all week long, and though it was just an Advent with 10-20 people it all worked out well and miraculously with the costs for the Tai Chi Center etc. It was then especially at the last session that we were more than 20 guys and we just cracked up so much and enjoyed the Light, and lots of gratitude to each other was expressed. There came also Teresa from Mataro and three brothers from Valencia too and there will be more for this weekend here at Guido’s El Milagro Center, the Finca, at the beautiful Costa Blanca.

German Bettina is here with me at the Finca and Guido, our host, is going through a major transition in his commitment to wake up and to serve Jesus in the extension of the Course and his readiness to let that all be a miracle. It’s all about letting it all fall apart and have a brand-new experience, in fact seek only the Light Experience and let everything else go. So, it’s very exciting and we three see forward what the weekend will bring in the opening it up to everyone to the Light instead of staying in the frame of a separately Dutch or English Course study meeting. So we set up a new spacial reference Point for this singular Experience, there is a real nice Session room now instead of a study and reading corner and those who want to leave with us will and are showing up. I am grateful to know that it can only be myself.

Thank you so much for receiving all this and

sending your blessings to all of us

It’s working great. I love you.


There will be an Advent on the last weekend of October, between

26 – 28 Oct in Valencia, and sessions between 23 – 25 Oct.

Location: Centro de Luz Interior, c/Actor Llorens 43

Contact: Ana G., Tel. 616-669068 (cell)





10/16/07 from the God’s Country Finca

What a week we had at the Finca at the Costa Blanca in Spain. We had rain for the whole week except the first and last day, and after we visited a few gorgeous places a storm (as never before – said Guido) for the next 2 days devastated and cleaned the so beautiful beaches and coastal area. Exactly where we spent the day before (in Calpe) and climbed a huge mountain rock in the sea, cars where turned around by the wind and water from the river flooding and showed what is always behind the “beauty” of any scenery. At the Finca we completely re-arranged their study and meeting room (see foto) upon our arrival and made a most beautiful session room as you can see. All we could do was to offer to leave the world into the Light of God without compromise. It was great! I was also very grateful to have Bettina on my side, and I think we were a really great “German or Austrian Combo” with a very open instead of “secret code” that everyone could read at entering the room. But those who Guido invited and were expected to come did not show up except one dutch woman (Carolina) and one real Englishman (Brian) and those who almost never show up and a few new ones to the Course did show up instead, including a whole bunch of brothers from Valencia came for the first time to stay through the entire weekend, ten of them who also stayed at the Finca and helped Guido and Renilde with their contributions. So we were 15-20 guys all together throughout the weekend. Those three “Valencianas” who were with me in Madrid extended the invitation and the miraculous fiesta was set. Since they like the Light it was very easy for Bettina and me to invite everyone into the Light during all sessions, and – as you can imagine – a lot of things happened, since we asked them to lay down their books and just listen to us unless they would need it for the language. Some were so used to crosstalk constantly (because that’s what they did when they met at the Finca before before) that even Guido stood up and talked to the Dutchess (as I called her), and I enjoyed not dealing with it within dealing with it – everything got gracefully included and used for personal transformation. There was a lot of falling apart and healing going on – thank you, Father.

Our hosts Guido and Renilde were very generous and Guido is stepping up now for himself without limiting any longer his experience of Light with exchange forms. Since we also opened it up for session for everyone (including particularly the Spanish brothers from Valencia and Murcia who just are living within 1.5 hours drive) the speed-up is inevitable.

Today Bettina drove back to Valencia from where she will return on Thursday to Wusterwitz, and I was picked up by Paquita for my week and Advent in Murcia.

Thanks so much for your continuous support and blessings

With Love and Light



Hola, my Mighty Companion,

Murcia was really a very nice surprise. At first glance it looked like a city that is very busy doing things and taking care of their family relations and businesses. But those active in the local group were with us and opened up each day more and more. There was also a very nice surprise organized the day I arrived in Murcia: Paqui, my host, had opened up a contact to a radio station and we could represent the Course and the weekend advent in a 20 minutes interview. The guy from the radio station who asked me all kinds of questions was just looking at our websites, but was very good and in favor of us totally. I could tell by his way he put the questions. Everything went very nice, and maybe the one or other “newgy” who showed up during the weekend heard the program that was sent half an hour after the interview. All I thought when I heard myself on air was “My Spanish is really bad,” hahahaha, though everyone said that it was quite good. The following day we made a trip to the 30 km nearest beach (nearby Cartagena), got a little sun and had a nice rest there. It´s raining a lot since then. Though Bettina had to return to Wuwi … and always said that it´s her who makes the rain, I don´t believe her anymore: it must be me, right, hihihii…. I had immediate support from arriving Nancy (from Maracaibo, VEN) who wants to come to EA in January and is active in the Maracaibo Center. Nancy was then also accomodated in Paquita’s house where Paqui lives with Alba and her son Juan (which both look really great).

For the Thursday evening session I tried something different: After we joined for a moment in the light I was teaching and sharing 12 Step experiences and invited all of them to also share theirs before we had another Light session. That was quite a combination. The weekend went really great and we had visiting brothers also from Mataro (Lourdes and Ramon drove down with their 2 kids and also stayed at Paquita’s house), from Madrid, Benitachell and Valencia. It was a nice mix of consistent 30 brothers throughout the weekend, and everyone had great experiences in the Light. Dear One was also talking on the phone about them having experiences.

I have now arrived in Valencia and we already joined on our first days here in our first sessions in extended Light sessions which are very nice. Ana and Antonio, my hosts, have brought their connection in and all I offer is to leave this place. It really works! Included is that I realize how well I am taken care of throughout this trip since the very beginning and how miraculous the brothers are given me to do all this on my way Home.

We are truly very very lucky

I am very grateful for you and

Send you a hug from sunny and rainy Spain






Another week in Spain, at Valencia, in the same speed-up with mostly new brothers to the Course, but not so new to the Light experience, was a really great gift to receive. During the week we had every day a session with 10-15 brothers, and during the weekend Advent we were always around 30, though only half of them were present throughout every session. And many of those 40-50 guys are determined to also make it up to Mataro which is a 4 hours car drive.

On Friday I could feel a lot of conversion reflected in a kind of sort-out when a handful of completely new guys to the Course stood up in the middle of the session and left, but it’s amazing how many are ready to accept that there is no world, take responsibility of being the cause of it and join in the experience. Saturday and Sunday was just great and when we all called in the Sunday session Dear One we were just blown away. I had just tears in my eyes and can just express my gratitude for him: Thank you, Father. The emphasis during the entire week was on the necessity to accept one’s savior into one’s dream. I love to introduce Dear One. What a privilege. There was a lot of response and they will come into their own and do sessions regularly and join in the Light.

Today we traveled to Mataro where Dear One will arrive on Wednesday. I asked and could do also tonight’s session and I can just say “wow!” We “lost” another set “portal” by collapsing together a whole time sequence, and all localized energy feels now very clear and open in my mind. Thank you, Father. Before session there was a “business meeting” about all services during the stay of Master and the brothers are really incredible in their dedication to this invitation. I also had a chance to talk to Josh personally for an hour before that meeting and everything is going great for him and he feels very strongly how a Center place for the one’s fully committed can and will formulate, probably near the Pyrenees mountains (close to the border of France). I am grateful for him and only want to share the truth, and trust my brothers who are one with me and HIM who sent me.


Thank you for holding the Light for me in Wisconsin.

“I’ll be back for Christmas…” – just kidding!

See you here and now!

All Love and Light





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