Visit in Quito, Ecuador

On the feet of the Pichincha mountain and with view to the mighty volcano Cotopaxi we were breathing heavily in the 2800 m high plateau of Quito. Besides the difficulties to get some poison of oxygen into the blood we enjoyed thoroughly this visit in the capitol of Ecuador. A small group of brothers of the Centro Milagros Ecuador invited us to teach the Course in Miracles and stay in their Center (opposite of the Bank of Guayaquil), and we invited everyone in an Advent of a Great Awakening on the first weekend of May. Though it stayed in a small rate of participation, the Light of our Mind was shining brilliantly and it was a wonderful experience for everyone. It all is orchastrated by Jesus Himself, and by the Grace of God everyone could recognize Himself as one Self, being perfect, healed and whole. This Course really works.

We shared the teachings and our Experience also for the following week in morning and evening sessions in the Center, and the committed core group was dedicated in showing up as best as they could besides their work, family and personal affairs. Though always more is possible and offered by Him as it seems to be acceptable at the time period it is always just about oneself and to accept one’s own assignment given by HIM. What a miracle it is to find a few minds who demonstrate and live in a way that their Awakening is also their priority in all their daily decisions. And this priority is expressed in a showing up in sessions and events. All in all Martha and I had a really good time and kind of “vacation” while being full-on teaching the Course. The brothers are very generous and were taking care of us in every possible way. Gaby, as our host and a Light beacon is doing this since the very beginning of Quito’s opening to the Course, and Maria Elena, Maria Libertad, Sylvia, Jazz-Min, Ana, Myriam, Lourdes, Silvana, Vero, Pedro, Pablo, Alex, Sol, Roxanne, the Isabels’ and a few more which I can’t remember by name offered us just a wonderful companionship during this two weeks. We were invited to come back and offer some more reunions and insertion of miracle-mindedness, and we see forward how the miracle will work in each and every one of us, showing us that there is no other time than Now.

I am just glad that all time is already over and that we are already back Home, just reviewing how we got out of here.

Thank you, my brothers. This Course works… despite of anyone!


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  1. Gracias…a uds!!! Siempre se nos ofrecé más de lo que podemos "percibir"….Un abrazo fuerte..y gracias

  2. Gracias Devavan y Martha! Una experiancia increíble de infinito amor, ternura y luz! MIL GRACIAS!

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