Report of Santa Rosa and Cali


Dearest brother,

 A lot of things have passed these last 10 days since I wrote the last report. I spent a few nice days in Santa Rosa (8 hours by bus from Bogota) in a small group and had support with my beloved brother Martha from Bogota Center and my two “aunties”, Zily and Bibi (as I call them) and offered the brothers who were coming to our sessions to make a new decision for a full commitment. My hosts who provide this country retreat place near the hot springs gave us so much and were very generous. They also showed up at the Advent in Cali and want to come to Wisconsin. Actually many brothers have in their mind to come very soon and be with us and Dear One for a moment in Wisconsin and “do” only THIS.

In Cali where we stayed for 1 week and had a nice Advent with consistantly 40-45 brothers I had a wonderful experience with everyone. There is a lot of Light there and my offering them… not to sit on that Light but start giving it away in a broader and more inclusive way was very much welcomed. They already had great experiences with Lois and John, Raphael and many other teachers of us, and quite a few new guys showed up at every session. I didn´t know first that there were many Course groups split up in Cali, and something quite extraordinary happened during my stay there. They decided to get together again and have a new place for sessions for at least 3 times per week and at Maria Mercedes home at other days in the morning. We did every day a morning and evening session, and on the last day even 3 sessions because I was invited to teach at a place where guys would meet once a week and haven´t shown up for the Advent. It was very easy to get them out of studying and conceptualizing the Course and introducing them to the Light Experience. There was also an incredible gift showing up at the end of the Advent. The public place where we used for the Advent was given freely and was decided to use from now on for free for following Advents. It was really an Out of Time communication and help from way back in time that this has turned around this way.

All in all it was all really great. My hosts Flor and Luz Perla gave everything and and demonstrated their natural skills of communication. I also offered and did with all who were interested in 3 sessions a “Time to Teach” teacher´s training and was surprised to find at least 10-15 brothers who can very well teach a session. I think it also motivated them to get together anew and do it this time differently and get out of the exchange mode Course groups meetings. There was a lot of gratitude expressed,and I can just join in and say “Thank you, Father.” They all love Dear One and his videos, and by Sunday we were already out of videos and booklets at our materials table.

Today I traveled together with Martha who was also teaching really awesome on Saturday afternoon to Quito, Ecuador, and tomorrow Zily (Cecilia) will also arrive from Manizales. Tony C. has also arrived today from Bogota, and Gemini and Mai who are already here for the last 2 weeks at the Center look great and had up to now a quiet and great time. The core group brothers here are so willing to join in Light and I see forward having a very bright and happy time here at an Advent of this Great Awakening with another week of teaching and sharing.

I love you all and give my Love to all of you.


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