Report Bogota – Santa Rosa

Hi, dearest brother in Light,


My travel to South America began in Bogota, Colombia, at our Centro de Milagros where about 20-30 brothers altogether meet regularly twice a day for session. It is indeed a great experience to be with them, each and every one, those I know for years and who have started the activities there as well as those who enter in for the for the very first time.

In these last 10 days I spent with them (which felt like a flash) I was asked to direct them in what we call “Time to Teach,” to guide the brothers to come into their full expression of teaching. We used four evenings for this purpose, and it was a great privilege and joy for me to receive them in their uniqueness and clarity of their contact with God and understanding of their transformation of mind.  We used passages from the Textbook of ACIM and everyone did a really great job. To just name a few of the them like Diana, Alberto, Conny, Nubia, Ximena, Kristina, Martha, Miguel, Maria Stela, Aura Victoria, Jonathan… all of them are really awesome. Alejandro came just back from his trip in Cali at the right time, taught Friday morning and stayed through the weekend.

The Advent, beginning Friday evening, which was held at the Center instead of an out-of-town retreat place, was sheer incredible. Everything was flowing very easily and we had lots of fun and Light Experience. Visitors from Cali, Manizales, Medellin and Cartagena were present too, and every day a few new interested ones would show up and join in very quickly. It felt for me like a delayed Christmas Rebirth celebration standing like children in front of the X-mas tree in the session room, and I felt very privileged to be used by Him. The videos of Master also blew us away every morning, and we also gave him a phone call just before the Advent on the 9th of January and sang “Happy Birthday“ in Spanish for him.


Today is our first day in Santa Rosa. We were on the road to Santa Rosa for 8 hours per bus, and I had lots of memories of having traveled there 20 yrs ago: all the beautiful countryside and food stalls along the road. Martha and Cecilia are accompanying me, and we were heartfelt welcomed for the announced three days morning and evening sessions here in the Finca outside Santa Rosa, north of Pereira. It is a small Center which is organized and maintained by Jose Fernando, Constanza and their daughter Julieta. They are very grateful for my coming here and are much dedicated to their awakening along Mario and a few other couples. The climate is very nice and warm, and there are also Hot Springs nearby which we’ll probably visit besides a huge cathedral and its nice main square. From there we will travel south to Cali (4 hrs on the road) to have our next Advent this weekend.


I love you all and am very grateful to leave today with you.



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