The True Teacher – ACIM Teachers Meet at Conference in S.F., CA

The True Teaching – An Inevitable Memory Of Your Own Experience

A true Teacher offers no teaching in particular! He is all the teaching there is. This is the truth. Any meaning other than this is preaching and `selling´ concepts, not appreciating what is right now happening: the miracle that is all around us and inspires the revelation of God’s Grace. This “living in the resurrection” is the curriculum of a required Course, A Course in Miracles. What else is it you want?

It is no-one other than you who has chosen and determined the situation that somehow God’s Voice, as the Awakened Consciousness in your brother, speaks to you in a language you are able to understand. But always remember: HE chose you to be His extension as you chose the Alternative over separation. What luck to see and meet Him in your dream! So I ask you to “stand still” and be silent for a moment and listen! There is nothing to fear.

This is how you are touched by His Grace and make yourself “prepared” to hear His Voice. Thus communication with God is re-installed. You are literally on “Highest Alert.” HE will teach through you. This Experience you are having right now will never fade away or be one of your temporary past experiences. It refines Itself by your extension of this Light That you are, Which is the idea of “giving yourself away.” You literally “fall in love” with HIM, Who is your Self, and HE shows you His boundless Love for you, how “deep the rabbit-hole goes.” There is no end as there was never a beginning. And you will learn exactly as you teach. But to “teach” the world conceptually and maintain a human condition in separation is teaching nothing but despair and death. It is solely an attempt to find a solution by educating your dream figures – who are but yourself – in something they are not.

If you believe that you live here in the world: this is what death is. We have come here to this “dream-earth” to die, and only in this realization we are beginning to live now. His Love extends to us, and to experience the truth of This only, is to recognize Life. Thus we are liberated together from the imagined “wheel of birth and death” because we recognized that we had enough of the suffering in these temporary states. Conceptual approaches, offered by various “New-Age-prophets” and psychic PhDs and MDs, attempting to prolong the `life´ of this pile of dust and water, are nothing but a slight cough in the universe. Who wants to stay here?! In this speck of mud, doing nothing other than spinning around its axis in circles?! You can invest your millions right now for a singular purpose, and your reward from Heaven simply is the recognition: “I am NOT a body. I am Spirit.”

You are Eternal Life, infinite Creative Thought, Creative Power, God Consciousness, one Singular Reality, … without opposite!  IT cannot be seen by the body’s eyes, or held as a feeling, perceived or examined in any human way; you are It and have It forever by giving It to your brothers who are your Self!

If you have any doubts, ask for help and trace any sense of “I” back to that Experience by integrating everything and including yourself in this Light conversion, and you cannot not-see your own Reality in your brother, in any image of your mind. Thus you but recognize your Self. This is your invitation for this very particular conference. Thank you for your showing up at A Course in Miracles Conference in San Francisco, CA, – Febr. 23-25, 2007, and sharing your experience with The Master Teacher and everyone (Please visit for details of registration: , also visit us at ). Your showing up is all that ever was asked of you. The Master Teacher of A Course in Miracles who will be there with many other representatives of your own resurrection, welcomes you with Love and Light. Thank you for your determination to express what you really want and your perseverance to listen, learn and do. Welcome Home! I love you. Are you ready for this?!


Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the Peace of God. 

There is nothing to fear.



About the author of this article:

By the grace of God an Awakening Experience has occurred to me and changed my entire history. Back in Europe I was a veterinarian (DMV), now I am in full service of the extension of this Great Awakening as an ordained Minister of The New Christian Church of Full Endeavor in Wisconsin. Thank you for your openness to this invitation. More…

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