The Dark Energy in Reality

Hi, my name is Devavan,

I just had a look in my mind and feel like sharing with you what is shared by the Science community but not completely understood in its full meaning. You can read all about “The Universe’s Invisible Hand” as the Dark Energy is called in an article in Scientific American where you can learn all about the effects of the dark energy which takes about 3/4 of the contents of the universe and underlies like a cobweb all matter(materia). This same dark energy is responsible that all but the nearest galaxies are moving away from us at a rapid rate and soon we’ll be deserted.

Isn’t that an interesting perspective for you? And isn’t that exactly a correct reflexion of the human condition? Aren’t you trying and trying to make contact with all the universe in all these parallel universes in all these different “Spaces” and still… aren’t you feeling lonely and abandoned? Don’t you think that ultimately God has abondened you? 

In a moment – since this dark energy is quite constant and materia is decreasing as all star formations – your space will empty out. You find yourself as an island, isolated and surrounded by just space, literally nothing. But it is said that the dark energy might be evolving… What does that mean to you, if ultimately everything will be ripped away from you? Your Earth will be stripped from the sun and dispersed along with all your perceived and well treasured objects. Your body will also fall apart, basically shredded, if this force increases. Even atoms – they say – will be distroyed. It’s called the “ultimate revenge.”

But who is the “bad guy” doing all this? Are you making God once more responsible for the outcome of your human condition? Haven’t you been indoctrinated for so long in the sense of “God gives and God takes it away”. You can argue as much as you want, but you will never solve this riddle without looking inside your mind and finding a new solution there where the true cause is located. Where do you think it is?

Here…. I give you the masterpiece of “A Course In Miracles” ! Take it!

It is your way to truth, your own reversal of all your perception, your salvation, your Awakening.

By doing the Workbook lessons you will find a true recognition right in your mind: that YOU are the cause of this world, and not God; that you are doing that to yourself, and no-one else, nor God. You get the result of your own thinking, and you see what you desire to see, what you value, what you treasure in your mind. And if you don’t want it anymore, it simply will disappear. And most importantly: It is the power in your own mind to change how you see right now.

My own experience of what is called “dark energy” is truly Light, the one substratum that holds and moves everything and everyone in the entire universe, and the universe of universes. I am offering you an escape here and now. No waiting for tomorrow or some more of billions of years. You will disappear…. Why?

Because you already have disappeared; because you are not a body!

This world was over a long time ago. Then, what are we sharing?

A Single Life: “There is one Life and that we share with God.” This is a true statement; this is an Experience; this is what you are. This is a lesson from A Course inMiracles.

You cannot die, because there is no such thing as death. You are eternal, and we are already Home with Our Creator, remembering just for a moment how we left from here: in Peace, in Joy, in Love.

Get a copy of “A Course in Miracles” ( as well as of “3 Days to Awakening” by Devavan auf Amazon oder auf der folgenden Domain ( and see for yourself. I love you dearly and be with you until this here is over.

Your Friend from Out-Of-Time

5 thoughts on “The Dark Energy in Reality

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  1. WoW stark durchgeblickt! Der Epheserbrief gibt uns u.a.
    vollennEinblick in diese “Dinge” Das Wort Gottes, sprich die heilige Schrift ist natürlich hochinteressant 🌟❤es ist mein Leitstern und ich liebe es darin zu studieren und nun im KiW auch so frisch und neu jeden Tag

      1. Der Ruf an das Grenzenlose….. vorstellbar…nie vorher gehört, hört sich schön an ,weil Gott das ist ,und ja,
        jetzt weiß ich ja schon ,dass alle Geräusche ein Ruf nach Gott sind ,alle Dinge ein Echo der Stimme für Gott
        Gibt’s das Buch frei online , wo suche und finde ich 📖

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