Applying Peace to yourself: Reflections on E. Cayce and psychic powers

In this episode we are looking at the teaching of Christ-Jesus and His Course in Miracles in regard to develop psychic abilities and how to handle these opening communication channels. We are using the example of Edgar Cayce – as Jesus shares with us – and his clairvoyant and in trance state readings’ expressions to have a learning example in order not to repeat the same mistakes. We are directed to recognize “others” as our own perfect Self, to accept the corrective value of the Atonement for ourselves, and to apply the Peace of God to our one Self. Whatever errors were made at this time we let these past errors correct in us and acknowledge that – even in his case – no effort was wasted, since it was directed to the greater goal, to Awakening. ◊

We are sharing A Course in Miracles unpublished Notes not correlating with any chapter in the edited version of the FIP or Complete & Annotated Edition, and parts of the Lessons 119-120 of the Workbook and the Manual for Teachers-25. “Are psychic powers desirable?” — ACIM-Reflections (67).

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