Part II – From Stem Cells to a Hologram of Love: Joining with the Master Teacher’s Teachings (7)

We are sharing in this episode in a direct meeting with Master Teacher the idea of conversion from a “stem cell identity” to an entirely different idea of our self. We are looking at Self-recognition which demonstrates that the consciousness has matured and reaches processes in the mind that re-affirms the memory of Who we Are. This opens us up to the understanding of the “direct communication” that we share in Christ Mind. In this recognition we see that the projections which are only in our own mind… when they come back… have lost their meaning. We experience the resurrection of the body identity. We are using Part II of the Master Teacher’s video SCR-03 of the Stem Cell Regeneration Series — We meet in a Hologram of Love. The Stem Cell Research in the Resurrection of the Body. —

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