Resurrecting every moment: Reflections on Resurrection

In this episode we are looking at the teaching of Christ-Jesus and His Course in Miracles in regard to our resurrecting Experience and the ideas that are taught by Him representing this necessary recognition of not being a body, losing the illusions about it and there is no death. We are offered by Him a certainty of purpose which we are willing to fulfill, and we see Salvation as our only function here that is the borderland between truth and illusions. The Holy Spirit operates in time, reveals timelessness, and demonstrates that God is still Love, and anything that is believed to be here is not His Will. The Resurrection is our own Experience what Life truly and eternally Is, thus recognizing that the tomb is empty and all ideas around it are included and converted in us. Happy Easter! ◊

We are sharing A Course in Miracles as given in in the Notes correlating with chapter 3–I.-1. — (3-III..1.-2. Complete & Annotated Edition) and parts of the Lesson 98 & 99 of the Workbook the Special Messages “Was there a Physical Resurrection?” and from Devavan’s book “3 Days to Awakening” p.30-32 — ACIM-Reflections (64).

The next class will start Saturday at 12 pm CT (not 12:30 pm!)

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