The Last Judgment: Reflections on Last vs. Final

In this episode we are looking at the teaching of Christ-Jesus and His Course in Miracles in regard to the idea that frightened the human mind for a long time, the idea of the “Last Judgement.” It was understood as a threat and brought into context with death and being condemned to hell, as many Christians saw and still see it. However, we are offered now a complete alternative of the Final Judgement in which the Son is blessed and confirmed by His Creator to be free of guilt and sin, to be Love in the Image (or like Quality) of HIMSELF. In order to serve as a learning device and restore Right-Mindedness and free the mind of the notion to deserve punishment it had to be woven into the overall plan, so that man could free himself from fear. “Love created me like Itself” and “Love holds no grievances” are the declarations of such correcting and healing process. ◊

We are sharing A Course in Miracles as given in in the Notes correlating with chapter 2–VIII.-1.-5. — (2-XIII. Complete & Annotated Edition) and parts of the Lessons 84, 130 and Intro to 311-320 of the Workbook — ACIM-Reflections (62).

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