The Correction of Miscreating: Reflections on level confusion

In this episode we are looking at the teaching of Christ-Jesus and His Course in Miracles in regard to the clarification between Creation and miscreation, which is the same conflict as between love and fear. We are guided to correct magic-miracle confusion by stopping to miscreate now, and accept the Atonement of all the miscreated past. Following this direction from Above is accepting the Power that God has given His Son, and to live up to true forgiveness and recognize that the world with its problems and separation is not real, is not there, is over and gone. Jesus uses in this teaching the theories of S. Freud and surprises us with quite some perspectives about him and what he contributed to psychology. ◊

We are sharing A Course in Miracles as given in in the Notes correlating with parts of chapter 2–VII.-4. — (2-XI-10.-22. Complete & Annotated Edition) and of the Lessons 61-65 of the Workbook — ACIM-Reflections (59).

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