First International Festival of ACIM in Poland

The First International Festival of A Course in Miracles will take place from June 27 – July 1, 2022 in Poland (outside Gdańsk). This event will be conducted by teachers from Germany, the USA, Great Britain, the Netherlands and Poland and will be translated into German, English and Polish.
Registration and details:
Invited speakers: Simon Tim Christopher, Devavan, Andreas Pröhl, Erro van Manen, Andreas Scholz, Grit Rademacher, Renate Ender, Daphne, Tadeusz Miedziarek, Marianna Bartke

This is an interview with Devavan by Joana to invite you for this Course Festival in Poland. It will be held in English and Polish with translations into Polish, English and German. All are welcome by the Grace given us directly from GOD.

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