What is the Ego? – Reflections of concepts

In this episode we continue to clarify the use of terms as offered in this Course in Miracles. We look at clarifications how we use the term “Ego” as well as “consciousness” which is part of the domain of the ego. The question “What is the ego?” is asked and answered in a clearly eye-opening and uncompromising way: to know that the ego is nothing but in a form that seems to be something…. This should be experienced directly and not just studied conceptually. The “Ego” is the questioning aspect of the self which we made and is expressed as consciousness as the domain of the ego. It believes it is on its own and lives by comparisons. That is why an ego mind can never give out of abundance. It is trapped in its “getting” mechanisms. ◊

We are sharing Section 2 of the Clarifications (or Use) of Terms (The Ego – The Miracle) as well as parts of the lessons 127-132 of the Workbook parts of Chapter 3-IV-2.-3. & 4-II-7.-8. of the Textbook from ACIM — ACIM-Reflections (18).

As Audio on Spreaker:

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Disclaimer: Certain images used or music fragments in the video except public domain music are with the exception of the profile photo not owned by Devavan. The rights to these images belong to those who published them online and can be found there.

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