Bogota, Bogota and Bogota

Arriving in Bogota is like arriving in an old memory of thousands of years and waking up from the dream. I am very glad to see the dedication in my brothers at the Centro Milagros, and giving as best as they can to themselves and their Awakening. After Rafael went back to Wisconsin it was up to us to teach and celebrate our contact with God in the daily sessions. In the morning we joined for a moment in the Light, read the lesson of the day and watched a video of Master Teacher. Then once more we celebrated our Awakening in the Light before having lunch. The evening sessions are the main sessions since many brothers are working during the daytime.
The weekend of the 17 – 19 of July was scheduled for our Advent of A Great Awakening at the Center and we had a good look at the human condition’s denial and resistance to completely join in the Occurrence of Christ making a personal appearance. Using Chapter 15 of ACIM it also was given to convert the guilt and thoughts of littleness versus the magnitude of God’s grace and reclaiming this Experience Which is already happening in your mind. We had also lots of chokes and fun, dance and Light celebration. A great gift of Our Father.
I also want to express my gratitude to Nubia and Ximena as to all brothers who helped them to organize and be in service throughout the entire weekend. On monday we finished with “bendiciones a la filiacion” (blessings to the Sonship) and danced our way out of here in the nation’s celebration of “Independence Day”.
The days after this weekend were just rushing by and long walks in parks and quiet areas of north, north-west Bogota, as well as visits in the City Center and it’s colonial quaters and a visit in picturesque Guatavita (about 1hr north of Bogota) crowned this visit in the Capitol of Colombia. The people are very nice and helpful, miracles are seen all around, and most important… the desparation in poor areas where you can literally sense the cloud of death wishes as a solution for their problems and necessity to fight for survival and the daily dollar… are changed by the change of my own mind and recognizing that “the Light has come.”
God bless us all. Thank you for this invitation in this ancient memory and the willingness to see it all with the vision of the Holy Spirit.
I love YOU.

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