Waking-up Venezuela

Our last station here in Venezuela is San Cristobal, in the state of Tachira: a city in the south-west near the Colombian border. Just a quick trip over the border and you can breathe Cucuta’s air. San Cristobal is considered a city of bakeries and pastry shops, so I call it “San Panaderia (bakery) of Venezuela.” There is also something very calming about this city: its view to the green high rain-forest mountains surrounding it, and in certain parts of the city you may think you are in San Francisco, U.S.A. when you drive up and down the steep hills looking for the next coffee shop. We have also roosters all day long crowing around the house and birds of all kinds sing, jasmin flowers spread their fragrance, and on and on…
In the midst of a central intersection the brothers have a place on a 6th floor building to meet for sessions, a Centro Milagros, and they do meet as best as they can six times a week. Because almost all of them are working during the day time they meet for an hour or so at 7.30 in the morning. There is a tendency to question a lot, analyze and discuss things, so we were delighted to demonstrate them the form that works for us: join with music in the Light experience, do the lesson of the day (with or without teaching) and watch a video of the Master Teacher, join again in the Light. At that time around 9.30 am almost all have left for work and so we also would leave for breakfast. In the evening they meet again at 7 pm and though there is less participation we had great sessions and lots of fun. This place will be given up by the end of the month: it served its purpose well, but was always a very noisy place from the traffic of the main street below.

All brothers are very nice and dedicated to the Course in Miracles. Our Advent last weekend was also an incredible experience with lots of Light and joining in the Mind of God. New guys would also show up and stay for the whole weekend, having their experiences of Light, Joy and Peace. Brothers visited us from Maracaibo and Barquisimeto as well as spontaneous visitors who heard us on the radio and TV show we had before the event. Some interviews more will follow these days. The place was donated by a travel agency, and the manager or owner (Raphael) was participating too. We were taken care of very well by our host Julia Veronica, and Luisa, Gerardo, Cielo, Anna and many other brothers helped wherever a need arose. It became clear to all that the purpose of this Course is to forgive and go Home, change one’s mind and give to one Self, at last to come with empty hands to Our Creator and forget everything this dream offers, incl. this Course as a means. It also became very clear that it’s impossible to see two worlds and remain with one leg in time-space and with the other leg trying to find God.There was lots of gratitude expressed and interest when we would come back and share more of the miracle through the Power of the Holy Spirit. Self-recognition is now accepted to be the main focus in each and everyone instead of waiting for some “savior” to arrive in a “no-future” time. Martha and me are as well grateful and happy and a greater shift in consciousness reveals very clearly the greater integration of all form association while being steadfast in the direction to the Singularity of the Experience itself. Thank you, God, and thank you, my Brother in Light.

I love you

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