Report of the Advent in Wusterwitz (Germany) and Poznan (Poland)

This was an extraordinary Reunion of Teachers of God out-of-time. An intensive Light insertion occurred in the midst of committed brothers coming together in Wusterwitz, Germany, in their celebration of their own Awakening.

There were about 50 brothers from Germany, Austria, Poland and even one brother from Venezuela and New Zealand present, and Rafal as the invited teacher has demonstrated the teachings of Jesus’ ACIM and his own resurrecting Experience in a complete uncompromising singular expression of whole Self.
There was a lot of excitement and joy in the Kingdom and gratitude for being part of this glorious event overwhelmed each and everyone without end. We thank Our Father in Heaven.

The following week I spent with the brothers in Poznan (Posen) in Poland, and had the opportunity to teach twice a day in their new Center and during the Advent weekend in downtown Poznan. Dafne and Thaddaeus who live with their children Filip and Agatha there. Agniezka who was also my translator from German into Polish, and Malgosia with her daughters Ada and Silvia, also Ewa and newly arrived Teresa were very consistent during this week in the morning and evening sessions.
In the evenings a few more brothers showed up (Jarek, other Malgosia, Kamila and others), and for the Advent we had Henry and Jola from Wroclaw, Dorota, Ewa and several other brothers from Torun, Jurek from Stettin and Marchencka from Bydgosh. Also Peter N. and Klaus Dieter were coming from Germany and all together we were 25-30 brothers during the Advent with the many behind each one being willing to go Home.
The Advent was a complete surprise: it was not only for the first time that an invitation was given to a German speaking teacher of God, but also the incredibel Light we shared in all the sessions. It was a delight to see everyone lightening up and be happy without any reason what-so-ever. On Sunday before all participants had also a chance to declare themselves we spent our lunchtime together at the Advent facility and had Pizza together. It was truly a demonstration of the Power of forgiveness, showing the miraculous change of mind, “where an ancient hatred has become a present love…”
The brothers of Poznan invited me back after my week long trip to Wroclaw where I have just arrived. We also will join twice a day in sessions in our singular purpose and a small core group around Henry and Jola, Malgosia, Agniezka, Dorota, Iwona, Isa and Magda who were already with Dear One at his only Advent in Poland in a small rented room in down-town Wroclaw. More brothers are showing up every day and join in the Light Experience. They all look really good and are a very precious memory in my Going-Home. I am very grateful to be used by the only true Spirit to extend the truth. I love you very much.

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