Colorado Springs has more to offer than just a mountain view


You would never think of how exquisite the Light of Christ Mind reveals and extends Itself in so-called “Little London,” Colorado Springs (COS), CO. There is so much more there than just a “Best Place to live Number 1” (as the Money Magazine voted in 2006). The highest mountain range of Pikes Peak at the very east end of the Rocky Mountains catches the eye from all over COS, and there up is still plenty of snow. Just walking in the foot hills was already a challenge to my breathing rhythm, but it was a very nice and pleasurable field trip at the end of this week we spent there.

This time we all were lucky, we didn’t need to go for the Gold Rush, neither suffer of fluoride water causing “Colorado stain” on the teeth. We had a purpose of meeting in the Light and sharing in the experience of Enlightenment through A Course in Miracles.

The Advent, a reunion from Friday evening until Sunday evening, was announced as an intense encounter with truth facilitating the undoing of false perception and thinking and is an invitation in joining in one mind, using the Mind of God and undergoing a spiritual Experience of Light in one’s own mind.

Very few were ready to accept and participate in this offer from out-of-time, guided by Jesus Christ, but there were thousands and thousands coming along behind each and everyone who stepped in and released one’s own self-identity and rejoiced in the Light and Love of God. Obviously only very few have this commitment to go Home to Our Father today, now, but what we are looking at in the application of the Course is one’s own personal commitment. I can never judge anyone else’s commitment, but I can demonstrate my own and be an example for the entire world.

Most of the people there are fine with their world, their families, their dependencies in relationships and work set-ups, and might not yet feel the pain of the attempt to try to establish the Light of Heaven into their tiny world, independently if they might individually have recognized its non-existence. What I was going for, supported by Martha who was accompanying me and surprised everyone with her music selections and also a wonderful and practical insightful teaching, was one Light factor in no matter how many participants, to see how the miracle of joining reflects my own decision to leave this place in the totality of giving everything to everyone and every thing, now. We had great fun and yet there is a maturity of consciousness in those few ones who were consistently in that Self-recognition with me throughout this last week.

Who cares that COS is the training base for heavy bombers and is economically flourishing by its big defense industry of missiles and High Tech chip production?! I could care less about values protected by the conceptual human mind: there is no world, and this here is over! But I liked to hear that COS has a Cricket Club and was home for the very famous Tesla who came from Croatia (which was at his time part of the Austrian Empire). This is just for the record. I don’t have any national feelings, believe me. All electromagnetic development including today’s wireless communication started and was thought by his mind. I also was entertained hearing that COS is called the “Evangelical Vatican,” though there was no resonance whatsoever of this religious communities in our Advent. I read about the “Navigators” who look for personal communication to extend the message of the resurrection of the Christ, (sounds great!), but the moment the Light Itself is offered all illusion disappears into nothingness.

My host Karen and her mighty companions “The Dutchess,” Gary, Russel, Stephen, Jackie, Trish, other Karyn, and a few more (whom I can’t remember by name) were great and joined fully, releasing their need of time and accomplishing something in time, using these moments of the stillness of their mind to remember who they are and giving the best they could. On Saturday and Sunday we had some guests for at least one session, and everyone got a glimpse of this incredible Light that shines from God Himself into every mind, into everyone who is ready to join.

I am very grateful and happy that I was there and brought all of them Home in my mind.

Our last Light session on Tuesday in the Dutchess’ house that followed the latest video of the Master Teacher and religious instructions by me and Martha was so exquisite that I don’t have any words. Felicity received her baptism in and through that Light. It was and still is spectacular, and we were together for quite some time, outside time, listening at the end also to Dear One’s favorite music, and when I became aware of time three and a half hour had passed and we finally enjoyed the Dutchess’ Black Forest cake and had tea.


All I can say is just “Thank you, Father. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, my brothers in Light. Thank you, everyone.” I love you very much and invite you to continue your Experience in the Here-Now in Wisconsin Dells, WI, if you want. Just ask for help and give us a call. Let’s see how the miracle works.



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  1. Devavan   THIS IS RUSSELL from Colorado Springs…. I would like to thank you for all your LIGHT… and also i would like to post a review on your book but Amazon requires me to buy something with a credit card first… which i do not have…. so please could you send me an email so i could send the review to you… and perhaps you could post it.I LOVE YOU

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