In retrospect to The Miracles Musical Festival, Vienna


A Miracles Musical Festival that has known no comparison. Not only that during the three days of this exquisite event with the Master Teacher ( see  ) and his clear demonstration of physical resurrection quite a number of unknown miracle artists performed their art of playing piano and singing, what was mind opening and enlightening was the Presence of God in the midst of these demonstrations. When I speak of the Presence of God I mean really a Light Presence in one’s own mind that speaks of a complete alternative of experience to the boring changes of perceptual observation.

The Festival was led by the Master Teacher of A Course in Miracles who presented the teachings of Jesus Christ in a very alive, clear-cut and yet funny way. It’s very obvious for everyone coming together with him that he is not this 82 years old man who calls himself “The Old Man.” In his videos he declares himself as 2000, 40 or 16 years or one day old “whatever you want me to be…” as he says, but more important is his offer to every single individual to accept responsibility for what one sees and to accept in a mind training process utilizing the Lessons of the Course and coming together and sharing the Christ Consciousness in sessions and healing moments.

He was fabulous, and the 150 participants in the Bösendorfer Hall in Vienna got the “Cream of the cream.” They came from all around the world, specifically USA, Germany, Spain, Poland, Italy and of course from all over Austria. Many of them have known the Master Teacher for many years and many new visitors got a glimpse of what I call the beginning of the journey to Awakening. It does take the decision to show up and willingness to let the One speak within one’s mind and receive a miracle of love. Everything else is really divinely orchestrated and part of how the miracle works by itself. And that doesn’t exclude enjoying oneself with a nice Viennese Coffee and Sacher Torte or Apple strudel, but truly including all and recognizing the singular one Self in all and everyone.

I am very glad that I could serve him with translating from English to German that hasn’t really any comparison in this world. He can’t be compared with anybody else because he is everybody else. It is a Course about Self-recognition and waking up from the dream, and he gives it to you and everyone without differences.

If you become interested to meet him and have started to do the Workbook Lessons have a look at the website and watch one or more of his videos or look him up on Google and You tube videos. It is a great experience to meet him and the time is very short as everyone can feel it. Take your chance now and go for it!

After this event I have offered religious instructions using the Course and shared the experience of my own resurrecting Awakening for the last week in different locations in Austria, and I am very happy to see that there are a few individuals which are determined to go to any length and give everything in their transformation to have this Experience now. This is the moment, here is the space.


Welcome Home!


I love you.


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