The Oprah Winfrey Show: presenting the Master Teacher of A Course in Miracles


  We are so much used to be flooded by information and personal requests in job and family assignments that a show like the one of Oprah Winfrey… that presents someone hilarious so that we can laugh without reason and relax the dense brain activity and let go of the seriousness of worldly activities… is very much welcome and has become a popular time to entertain and yet learn something new about ourselves. Some might think that a representation of a teaching that is emphasizing on change of mind and taking responsibility about what is seen in the world (which is the basic teaching of the incredible work of A Course in Miracles) might not entertain the viewer, but this is not so.

  I, myself, will make a stand for the necessity of the world to face its own falsity in its self-made mind construct and to find a new freedom and happiness in a complete dependence on God – whatever that may mean individually. At the very end it has to be a Self–recognition in an action of mind of momentary inclusion of all thought form association, including the fear and guilt driven human separation thoughts and problems. A moment of pure oneness of self, of what life is, instead of justification of dreams of death (that is finally realized as time-space illusion) will demonstrate what Power in Creation truly is.

  An encounter with the One representing your whole Self is thus inevitable and an utmost joyous union with Self that you would not want to miss or postpone or reject. It’s ultimately unavoidable since HE is already in your mind as in my own, since the resurrection has occurred. You want to share your experience you are having with HIM with all the world, with everyone in your mind; and there are billions or millions or thousands or just a few or one there who reflect God’s Creation as your own. What do I care as what I defined him previously?! Does he look like an 80 (or rather 53) year “Old Man” (as he lovingly calls himself) who shares memories of the first and second world war as one of the Marines, of his devastation having been a witness of what happened in Nagasaki 1945, and of his Awakening on July 4th, 1979? Yes, sure, but… what about it?

  He could lose his pants while walking up for the interview and Oprah herself might have at this point the most inclusive Experience of God through laughing since she had a direct contact with Jesus when she was a child; and so would the viewers all around the globe. I recognized HIM several times throughout different time sequences by his hilarious sense of humor which nowadays really lets me crack up. The true meaning of who the “Master Teacher of A Course in Miracles” is can only be demonstrated through attraction, by giving oneself the allowance to join in Light, in the holiness of direct communication. It doesn’t really matter what comes into His mind as a reflection of myself, it’s the Light as God’s Presence that communicates and heals.

  I am here (as you and each and every one are) to solely remember that my function is to experience the perfection of Creation, as God created me and you and every one. It is by changing my mind about everything the world reflects me (as my own thoughts) and everyone who comes in my mind to share whatsoever… that this Vision can take place and be applied and utilized. Everyone on earth wants to be successful, and many follow mind training programs to be successful making a lot of money, until they realize that there is an essential ingredient missing: love, joy, light experience… the Presence of God. These “disciples” of teachers who teach how to get rich are looking outside themselves to their idols to find it. They worship e.g. Donald Trump, Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey… but have not yet remembered that Peace of mind can only be found inside oneself, in an Experience that is not of this world.

  The appearance of the Master Teacher at the Oprah Show could/would be the introduction of the richest man in the entire universe and demonstrate by the innocence and purity of Christ Mind that this priceless Gift, this wealth and richness, is no-one’s special possession, but is already mine, and so yours too. He is giving this Gift freely away to you as to everyone without making any differences; simply by the asking of the individual. Healing occurs through the relinquishment of judgment, and once judgment is no longer valued, fear is gone, and joy established without opposite. A moment of leaving time-space, perceptual mind, is opening a portal so huge that tears of gratitude are shed and the ailments which were believed to trouble the body are forgotten. One’s reality to be mind and only mind which is Spirit (as its extending Light Energy) is remembered forever.

  Thus I would like to introduce the re-appearance of resurrected Christ, the Master Teacher to the world who can only be one as Your/My Self, and I would like to see HIM live at the Oprah Winfrey Show in Chicago. If you can be helpful in this request, please contact me personally. The time has come, the place is set: dinner is served! Let’s join and enjoy!

  Please, send your email to


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