Give Love in all your relationships

Think about…
There is only one reason why you still find yourself here, in a world of apparent lack and need. You are not willing to give abundantly, and I mean everything! Just walk into your big cities of the 21st century and look around, anywhere.
You will see figures being busy to do their thing and be active in the exchange of what they think has value and a gratifying outcome for themselves to survive the next day, next week, next year or maybe decade, and perhaps take care of one or a few loved ones on their side by accumulating money as much as possible to finally die a little bit happier. This is the struggle in which you are caught up and try to escape, because you no longer can stand the fact that poverty is growing and your chances to be sucked into it are also increasing. The gap between the rich and poor gets wider and wider every day.  On which side do you locate yourself? Why is this picture of a needy world not changing, since you know that “all power is given unto you in Heaven and on earth?” Why are you not applying it in all your relationships?
You have all the right to assume that you are doing the best you can. But it’s again one thing you overlook, and it is simply this: there is no world! But there is still “you” here, trying to fix, to manage the dream in a way you think it is appropriate. I call that addiction. You will have all the right answers. But who cares, except you again? “Am I not giving once in a while so generously and know that it works because I feel well about it?” you might say. What did you think when the priests in your churches asked you to make a donation? And what is really the difference to how you feel today when you hear someone asking you to help and give something so that a Light portal, this Center or Academy you are associated with  – which is still seen in your own mind – can continue to function? How can you think that you will by-pass Jesus’ teaching, which is telling you that “To have, give all to all,” “Today I learn to give as I receive” or All that I give is given to myself”?
You cannot deny that in your contact with God everything is given you. Right!? Then why do you deny yourself by not giving everything to yourself? Jesus says in the Course (Ch 7, VI.) that…
…you are love. Love is your power, which the ego must deny. It must also deny everything this power gives you because it gives you everything. No one who has everything wants the ego. Its own maker, then, does not want it. Rejection is therefore the only decision the ego could possibly encounter, if the mind that made it knew itself. And if it recognized any part of the Sonship, it would know itself.  The ego therefore opposes all appreciation, all recognition, all sane perception and all knowledge….
Listen, brother! Seek happiness not outside yourself to find a crumb of it in your world! Either it is all there is for you or nothing. Stop trying to find happiness or peace through analyzing and verifying your human experience. Jesus says “If you want to have it of me, you must give it.” I am giving you the whole truth, and you will give peace and happiness in order to have it, because you are Peace. All you can give is Peace, Happiness, Love. And once you know that you have it, why would you not give everything and go Home to your father this very day. And how can you know that you have it unless you join in a Holy Instant in the Heart of God? What do you think is this fairy-tale-like-place designed for, since you have substituted it with your world of loneliness and devastation?
First, give yourself permission to your own complete transformation and let this opportunity not pass. You have waited for that for a very long time and now you can directly experience your own resurrection instead of repeating yourself in the senselessness of obsessively pursued crucifixion.
This Experience you are having right now with me in the acceptance of the Love and Joy of God will never fade away or be one of your temporary past experiences. It refines by your extension of this Light That you are, Which is nothing but the idea of “giving yourself away.” You literally “fall in love” with your Self, with HIM, Who is no-one other than Yourself, and HE shows you His boundless Love for you, howdeep the rabbit-hole goes.” There is no end as there was never a beginning. And you will learn exactly as you teach, as you will receive exactly as you give. This is the change of your blueprint of poverty in your mind you were protecting for so long and will now be your new “way-out” of the illusion paved with abundance. Take it!
I thank you so much for receiving this. With the power of your mind you will make the decision to want only Peace, because you already made it. The power of decision is your own, and with your uncompromising turning to the Light and remembering the truth, Happiness is all you are. You are as God created you, and there is no peace except the Peace of God. On you all salvation of the world depends. Amen and Thank You Father God.
Please, check out as well as and browse into their LINKS for any more information and offer to trust in this experience and yourself. Jesus loves you! 

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  1. There is only one reason why you still find me somewhere Devavan, in a world of your own making. You are not willing to foregive, and I mean everything! Just look around, anywhere.
    You will see figures of your own image making busy doing what your projection dictates  because you, Master Devavan, are active in the exchange of your brother\’s holiness for your specialness, gratifying yourself with vengance in a defense of your egoic grandiosity, the fraudulent teacher of god self meme that you copied from your idea of a Master.  On which side of your own split mind do you locate yourself Devavan? Why is this picture of a needy world you see, which is of your own making and does not in fact exist as such, why is this not changing after YEARS of supposed acim mind training, since you know that “all power is given unto you in Heaven and on earth?” Why are you not applying it in your only relationship Devavan? The only reason you see me somewhere that you aren\’t must be because you are unwilling to take responsibility and forgive for where you find yourself.

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