Kino am Ufer – Berlin, Germany



DIENSTAG, 31. AUGUST 2010 / 18.00 UHR


(aus „Verschränkungsserie“)


DIENSTAG, 14. SEPT 2010 / 18.00 UHR

Die Ausübung deiner Wahlmöglichkeit
deines sofortigen Verlassens.


Videos (60 min, englischer Originalton mit deutschen Untertiteln) über die Demonstration von Master Teacher von „Ein Kurs in Wundern“ mit begleitenden Worten von persönlich anwesenden Lehrern der Endeavor Academy.

Ein Kurs in Wundern* ist ein Kurs in deiner individuellen Entdeckung einer neuen
Selbst-Verwirklichung. Sein
Zweck ist, Erleuchtung durch die Transformation deines Geistes zu bewirken. Dieser Kurs liegt jenseits dogmatischer Debatten etablierter Religionen
und konzeptueller Kontroversen, ist aber im Kern jeder wissenschaftlichen Entdeckung und im Herzen jeder Theologie enthalten.
 Er vermittelt eine Reinheit spiritueller Erfahrung, die im Wesen aller Religionen liegt: Religiosität, die reine Wissenschaft selbst, Eins-Sein, ohne eine
Notwendigkeit, Gegensätze zu rechtfertigen oder den Konflikt von dem zu übersehen, was ewig wahr ist und was niemals wahr sein kann.

Die Video-/Film-Begegnungen als Ausdruck der wirklichen Alternative sind für Menschen, die auf der Suche nach ihrem wirklichen Selbst und an Geistes-Frieden interessiert sind. Durch die erleuchtete Energie seines auferstandenen Geistes erweckt der Master Teacher von „Ein Kurs in Wundern“ die Erinnerung singulären Bewusstseins des Zusehers. Es ist eine unmittelbare Erfahrung von Heilung. Als ein ganzer Ausdruck der universellen Kommunikation und als transformierender Faktor des Geistes wird deine eigene persönliche Erfahrung des Lichtes beschleunigt.
In dieser Erfahrung liegt die Intimität der wahren Kommunikation, die heilende Essenz der Liebe und ihre Ausdehnung, die umwandelnde Natur sich vereinigenden Gedankens und die Anerkennung des Eins-Seins der Schöpfung. Es ist diese Erfahrung, nach der sich die Menschheit sehnt. Sie erstreckt sich über alle religiösen und wissenschaftlichen Grenzen hinaus, und doch wird sie aus einer Aktion der Stille abgeleitet, wie sie durch das
erleuchtete Bewusstsein schon immer demonstriert wurde.
Die Zeit ist gekommen und der Platz ist für dich arrangiert, aktiv in deinem persönlichen Engagement diese essentielle Erfahrung deines Selbstes und mit dir selbst wieder zu erkennen.

Eine Veranstaltung der ENDEAVOR ACADEMY e.V.

Eintritt frei – Spende erbeten.

Infos unter

*die dt. Übersetzung des
Originaltextes (A Course In Miracles) ist im Greuthof Verlag erschienen.







Uferstraße 12

13357 Berlin-Wedding

[Ecke Martin-Opitz-Straße, hinter dem Amtsgericht Wedding]
Bus M27 Brunnenplatz
U9 Nauener Platz + U8 Pankstraße
S Wedding [Ring] + Humboldthain

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In retrospect to The Miracles Musical Festival, Vienna


A Miracles Musical Festival that has known no comparison. Not only that during the three days of this exquisite event with the Master Teacher ( see  ) and his clear demonstration of physical resurrection quite a number of unknown miracle artists performed their art of playing piano and singing, what was mind opening and enlightening was the Presence of God in the midst of these demonstrations. When I speak of the Presence of God I mean really a Light Presence in one’s own mind that speaks of a complete alternative of experience to the boring changes of perceptual observation.

The Festival was led by the Master Teacher of A Course in Miracles who presented the teachings of Jesus Christ in a very alive, clear-cut and yet funny way. It’s very obvious for everyone coming together with him that he is not this 82 years old man who calls himself “The Old Man.” In his videos he declares himself as 2000, 40 or 16 years or one day old “whatever you want me to be…” as he says, but more important is his offer to every single individual to accept responsibility for what one sees and to accept in a mind training process utilizing the Lessons of the Course and coming together and sharing the Christ Consciousness in sessions and healing moments.

He was fabulous, and the 150 participants in the Bösendorfer Hall in Vienna got the “Cream of the cream.” They came from all around the world, specifically USA, Germany, Spain, Poland, Italy and of course from all over Austria. Many of them have known the Master Teacher for many years and many new visitors got a glimpse of what I call the beginning of the journey to Awakening. It does take the decision to show up and willingness to let the One speak within one’s mind and receive a miracle of love. Everything else is really divinely orchestrated and part of how the miracle works by itself. And that doesn’t exclude enjoying oneself with a nice Viennese Coffee and Sacher Torte or Apple strudel, but truly including all and recognizing the singular one Self in all and everyone.

I am very glad that I could serve him with translating from English to German that hasn’t really any comparison in this world. He can’t be compared with anybody else because he is everybody else. It is a Course about Self-recognition and waking up from the dream, and he gives it to you and everyone without differences.

If you become interested to meet him and have started to do the Workbook Lessons have a look at the website and watch one or more of his videos or look him up on Google and You tube videos. It is a great experience to meet him and the time is very short as everyone can feel it. Take your chance now and go for it!

After this event I have offered religious instructions using the Course and shared the experience of my own resurrecting Awakening for the last week in different locations in Austria, and I am very happy to see that there are a few individuals which are determined to go to any length and give everything in their transformation to have this Experience now. This is the moment, here is the space.


Welcome Home!


I love you.


Advent with M.T. in Vienna, Austria


The Master Teacher of A Course in Miracles will be in


VIENNA, Austria: April 26 – 28, 2008


Place: Bösendorfer Hall, Graf Starhemberggasse 14, 4th district – 1040 Vienna


Contact: Ursula or Claudia (+34)–(0)664 1877788

Contribution: 100.- Euro per day per person!


Most possibly our Senior Minister (the Master Teacher) will visit on Friday evening the SPIRIT LOUNGE, Vienna 6., Lehargasse 10.


Further information:


Please make your registration with our contact persons and ask for details.




Thank you so much for your help and participation

I love you


Devavan Sun


I am the Resurrection and the Life


Easter is the celebration of the physical appearance of the risen Christ, His demonstration of physical resurrection is the full recognition that the body is a complete illusion and does nothing, nor lives nor is able to die. No one can know of resurrection without an all inclusive experience which is your own reawakening. What you need is a model, One, Who shows you your own resurrection and life. For the last 2000 years you used the idea and story of the historic Jesus, and it is just since a moment that you come to understand that Jesus has not resurrected by himself and left a world behind him that still would need to die and wait for its awakening after its death.

To recognize the truth of resurrection is to recognize that you live and move in Him, that you live in God, here and now, no other time, that everyone lives in you, in your mind, as you live in everyone. The resurrection is the demonstration of the reality of one single mind which is yours. Jesus showed you your own resurrection and your resurrection is the awakening of the entire world, the disappearance of you and the world in the truth which is God.

Jesus declared himself, “I am the resurrection and the life: he that believes in me, though he was dead, yet shall he live.” Though the son of man felt separate from his brothers and believed to be a body and part of an illusory world, trying to die in a trillion ideas… he can awaken from this dream of death in a finger snap as he already did, he can experience the love of God for His beloved Son in his own mind. That is available for you now as it always were. But until now you were dreaming and fearful to accept the truth of your own resurrection.

You have come a long way, and you are finally standing still in the grace of God and let the inclusion of yourself in your Self occur. I am teaching my own resurrecting Experience in so called “Advents of a Great Awakening” and spend not only every Sunday or Easter Sunday in this instant of reawakening of the Spirit in me but in every moment of joining with you and everyone as my Self in what is called in A Course in Miracles a “Holy Instant,” a moment of complete forgiveness, an experience of the light of God.

Resurrection has taken the place of death, and this is what we celebrate: life eternal, the certainty of the impossibility to die. Jesus teaches in the Course that the resurrection of the world awaits your healing and your happiness, that you may demonstrate the healing of the world. That is your memory of your accorded mission as the savior of the world. Your joining with your brother in a Holy Instant is the end of the journey by your forgetting and letting go of the grievance. Your action of turning to the light and looking for Him is the renewal of Jesus Himself in you. And this is your resurrection. And He asks you now to help Him, to take your brother’s hand and walk with him into the light and remember Him, remember your Home. What a great assignment! Our Father wills His Son be One with Him. There is no will but God’s, your will is His, and you have accepted His Will as yours. That is what you came here to remember.


God bless us on our journey Home.

Happy Easter. I love you.


Please visit also, and


The Master’s Advent in Spain, Nov 2007

Four days of the Master, Dear One, in Mataró, Spain, was something so very incredible to experience that I have hardly words to describe. All I can say is that I am so grateful to be with him, and that it was a great demonstration of truth and Light Experience. For everyone the difference to any other demonstrations for transformation of the mind became very clear and evident, and by Saturday morning the correction of any magical approaches to demonstrate A Course in Miracles was made.
Only he could do that and that’s why he is the Master. It is really a desintegration of egoic mind and rebirth in the truest sense. Sunday after he left by lunch-time we all would stand (spread all over the Session Hall) without much exchanges stunned in the Light and go Home. Wow!
By Monday evening (next day after the Advent) it became also evident that a continuation of demonstrations of limited light factoring for the purpose of “physical transformation” within the Mataro Center is not only problematic within the already divided Mataro brotherhood, but had to be addressed in its nothingness. A declaration was made within my own mind of the clear decision to no longer want or desire such “demonstrations of the Kundalini energy” that had been explained to be “A Course in Miracles” as well as “the way out,” but are nothing but an activation of the denial without a vertical alignment and total release. Each one who became witness to the “scenarios” in the Mataro Center for the last few weeks and the clarity in Master Teacher’s Advent this weekend will have to remember his own decision to do it under the instructions of the Master or continue with the meaninglessness of egoic attempts to localize and reduce the physical Resurrection of the Christ into a joining and dying in a body.
Dear One already has sorted it out, and everything appearing now is nothing but the confirmation within the individuum that truth is true, and nothing else is true, in other words that the falsity of illusory magic thought is also clearly recognized as meaningless and let go.
I am so immensly grateful for him and can only say that I (as every one being with the Old Man) am very very lucky. I love him so much, and I love you.
Thank you for being with me in this without compromise or condemnation.
I’ll be staying in the German Center in Wusterwitz till next Monday, return for one session to Vienna and return by next Tuesday, Nov 13, to Wisconsin.

Advent Announcement

Welcome to your

Advent of A Great Awakening – with Devavan in Spain and Austria:

in Spain:  Friday 8 pm, Saturday & Sunday : 10 am – 1 pm, 4 – 7 pm

Evening Sessions will also be held at different places in Madrid, Murcia and also Valencia and Mataro (Barcelona); please inquire with the contact persons or visit our websites,, !


MADRID: 5, 6 y 7 de Oct de 2007

Place: Centro Taoqi, Calle Colombia 4, portal lat., 1ºdcha.

Contact: Cel.: 687-717630 (Carmen), 609-971080 (Paz) 647-695216 (Inma)  



BENITACHELL: 12, 13 y 14 de Oct

(together with Bettina from EA-Wusterwitz, Germany!!!)

Place: La Finca, Benitachell

Contact: 966-498394 (Guido)



MURCIA: 19, 20, 21 de Oct

Place: C/ Pedro Pagan s/n, Molina del Segura

Contact: 687-311165 (Paquita)


VALENCIA: 23 – 28 de Oct

Place: Centro de Luz Interior, c/Actor Llorens 43

Contact: 616-669068 (Ana G.)


in Austria: Monday 7 pm,



in REKAWINKEL, Rittsteigstr. 41, A-3031
Contact: Claudia – 0043-(0)664-1877788 (Cell)


The Master Teacher of A Course in Miracles will be in

MATARÓ (Barcelona): 1 – 4 de Noviembre

Place: Hotel NH, Cami Ral 648

Contact: (+34) 93 7414206 or (+34) 676 567 519

Please contact our contact persons and ask for details.

Thank you so much for your help and participation

I love you


Devavan Gift with a bow



The Oprah Winfrey Show: presenting the Master Teacher of A Course in Miracles


  We are so much used to be flooded by information and personal requests in job and family assignments that a show like the one of Oprah Winfrey… that presents someone hilarious so that we can laugh without reason and relax the dense brain activity and let go of the seriousness of worldly activities… is very much welcome and has become a popular time to entertain and yet learn something new about ourselves. Some might think that a representation of a teaching that is emphasizing on change of mind and taking responsibility about what is seen in the world (which is the basic teaching of the incredible work of A Course in Miracles) might not entertain the viewer, but this is not so.

  I, myself, will make a stand for the necessity of the world to face its own falsity in its self-made mind construct and to find a new freedom and happiness in a complete dependence on God – whatever that may mean individually. At the very end it has to be a Self–recognition in an action of mind of momentary inclusion of all thought form association, including the fear and guilt driven human separation thoughts and problems. A moment of pure oneness of self, of what life is, instead of justification of dreams of death (that is finally realized as time-space illusion) will demonstrate what Power in Creation truly is.

  An encounter with the One representing your whole Self is thus inevitable and an utmost joyous union with Self that you would not want to miss or postpone or reject. It’s ultimately unavoidable since HE is already in your mind as in my own, since the resurrection has occurred. You want to share your experience you are having with HIM with all the world, with everyone in your mind; and there are billions or millions or thousands or just a few or one there who reflect God’s Creation as your own. What do I care as what I defined him previously?! Does he look like an 80 (or rather 53) year “Old Man” (as he lovingly calls himself) who shares memories of the first and second world war as one of the Marines, of his devastation having been a witness of what happened in Nagasaki 1945, and of his Awakening on July 4th, 1979? Yes, sure, but… what about it?

  He could lose his pants while walking up for the interview and Oprah herself might have at this point the most inclusive Experience of God through laughing since she had a direct contact with Jesus when she was a child; and so would the viewers all around the globe. I recognized HIM several times throughout different time sequences by his hilarious sense of humor which nowadays really lets me crack up. The true meaning of who the “Master Teacher of A Course in Miracles” is can only be demonstrated through attraction, by giving oneself the allowance to join in Light, in the holiness of direct communication. It doesn’t really matter what comes into His mind as a reflection of myself, it’s the Light as God’s Presence that communicates and heals.

  I am here (as you and each and every one are) to solely remember that my function is to experience the perfection of Creation, as God created me and you and every one. It is by changing my mind about everything the world reflects me (as my own thoughts) and everyone who comes in my mind to share whatsoever… that this Vision can take place and be applied and utilized. Everyone on earth wants to be successful, and many follow mind training programs to be successful making a lot of money, until they realize that there is an essential ingredient missing: love, joy, light experience… the Presence of God. These “disciples” of teachers who teach how to get rich are looking outside themselves to their idols to find it. They worship e.g. Donald Trump, Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey… but have not yet remembered that Peace of mind can only be found inside oneself, in an Experience that is not of this world.

  The appearance of the Master Teacher at the Oprah Show could/would be the introduction of the richest man in the entire universe and demonstrate by the innocence and purity of Christ Mind that this priceless Gift, this wealth and richness, is no-one’s special possession, but is already mine, and so yours too. He is giving this Gift freely away to you as to everyone without making any differences; simply by the asking of the individual. Healing occurs through the relinquishment of judgment, and once judgment is no longer valued, fear is gone, and joy established without opposite. A moment of leaving time-space, perceptual mind, is opening a portal so huge that tears of gratitude are shed and the ailments which were believed to trouble the body are forgotten. One’s reality to be mind and only mind which is Spirit (as its extending Light Energy) is remembered forever.

  Thus I would like to introduce the re-appearance of resurrected Christ, the Master Teacher to the world who can only be one as Your/My Self, and I would like to see HIM live at the Oprah Winfrey Show in Chicago. If you can be helpful in this request, please contact me personally. The time has come, the place is set: dinner is served! Let’s join and enjoy!

  Please, send your email to


The True Teacher – ACIM Teachers Meet at Conference in S.F., CA

The True Teaching – An Inevitable Memory Of Your Own Experience

A true Teacher offers no teaching in particular! He is all the teaching there is. This is the truth. Any meaning other than this is preaching and `selling´ concepts, not appreciating what is right now happening: the miracle that is all around us and inspires the revelation of God’s Grace. This “living in the resurrection” is the curriculum of a required Course, A Course in Miracles. What else is it you want?

It is no-one other than you who has chosen and determined the situation that somehow God’s Voice, as the Awakened Consciousness in your brother, speaks to you in a language you are able to understand. But always remember: HE chose you to be His extension as you chose the Alternative over separation. What luck to see and meet Him in your dream! So I ask you to “stand still” and be silent for a moment and listen! There is nothing to fear.

This is how you are touched by His Grace and make yourself “prepared” to hear His Voice. Thus communication with God is re-installed. You are literally on “Highest Alert.” HE will teach through you. This Experience you are having right now will never fade away or be one of your temporary past experiences. It refines Itself by your extension of this Light That you are, Which is the idea of “giving yourself away.” You literally “fall in love” with HIM, Who is your Self, and HE shows you His boundless Love for you, how “deep the rabbit-hole goes.” There is no end as there was never a beginning. And you will learn exactly as you teach. But to “teach” the world conceptually and maintain a human condition in separation is teaching nothing but despair and death. It is solely an attempt to find a solution by educating your dream figures – who are but yourself – in something they are not.

If you believe that you live here in the world: this is what death is. We have come here to this “dream-earth” to die, and only in this realization we are beginning to live now. His Love extends to us, and to experience the truth of This only, is to recognize Life. Thus we are liberated together from the imagined “wheel of birth and death” because we recognized that we had enough of the suffering in these temporary states. Conceptual approaches, offered by various “New-Age-prophets” and psychic PhDs and MDs, attempting to prolong the `life´ of this pile of dust and water, are nothing but a slight cough in the universe. Who wants to stay here?! In this speck of mud, doing nothing other than spinning around its axis in circles?! You can invest your millions right now for a singular purpose, and your reward from Heaven simply is the recognition: “I am NOT a body. I am Spirit.”

You are Eternal Life, infinite Creative Thought, Creative Power, God Consciousness, one Singular Reality, … without opposite!  IT cannot be seen by the body’s eyes, or held as a feeling, perceived or examined in any human way; you are It and have It forever by giving It to your brothers who are your Self!

If you have any doubts, ask for help and trace any sense of “I” back to that Experience by integrating everything and including yourself in this Light conversion, and you cannot not-see your own Reality in your brother, in any image of your mind. Thus you but recognize your Self. This is your invitation for this very particular conference. Thank you for your showing up at A Course in Miracles Conference in San Francisco, CA, – Febr. 23-25, 2007, and sharing your experience with The Master Teacher and everyone (Please visit for details of registration: , also visit us at ). Your showing up is all that ever was asked of you. The Master Teacher of A Course in Miracles who will be there with many other representatives of your own resurrection, welcomes you with Love and Light. Thank you for your determination to express what you really want and your perseverance to listen, learn and do. Welcome Home! I love you. Are you ready for this?!


Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the Peace of God. 

There is nothing to fear.



About the author of this article:

By the grace of God an Awakening Experience has occurred to me and changed my entire history. Back in Europe I was a veterinarian (DMV), now I am in full service of the extension of this Great Awakening as an ordained Minister of The New Christian Church of Full Endeavor in Wisconsin. Thank you for your openness to this invitation. More…

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